Karachi Situation: May Lord keeps Sindh safe from all evil designs?

IAOJ editorial :

If the reports about the submissive position by Sindh govt to the culprits behind the recent incidents of violence in Karachi are true, then it should be disapprove. Sindh is the land of peaceful and Sufi (Humanist) people, therefore, except on rare deteriorating political occasions and only when extremely provoked, peaceful Sindhis have never taken hostile actions against any ethnic community or group any where. On the contrary, they have continuously suffered under unjust governments imposed/manipulated by Islamabad/Lahore. They have seen their cities and resources pilfered away while the rural Sindh gets pushed to the lowest levels of poverty unseen in any Asian country. If anything, PPP, PML-N, ANP, MQM, its leaders, past federal governments and their leaders should apologize to Sindh for the injustices suffered by them.

The PPP, MQM and other representative groups in Sindh should not forget that Sindh voted for PPP, MQM and others because they made commitment to truly represent Sindh in all deliberations and safeguard the interests of Sindh. We have no doubt that the people of Sindh will move away from PPP, MQM and other parties if they do not act in a dignified manner and fails to implement affirmative action programs to eliminate waderashahi, improve education, peace and health facilities in Sindh and particularly in rural and lifts rural Sindh from abject poverty.

May God always keep Sindh safe along with entire world from all evil designs and give us the intelligence, knowledge, and strength to recognize the true friends and foes of Sindh. May we always choose leadership that is proud of the heritage of Sindh and committed to resolve the issues of the people of Sindh.

U.S., Afghanistan, Pakistan & India – Things are going to go!

by: Omar Ali

In my opinion it is very likely that the Pak army will actually get some of what it is asking for in the short term but their victory will be a Pyrrhic one. The US needs ISI help in Afghanistan and will pressurise India to keep a lower profile. If prime minister, Manmohan Singh is as smart as he seems, he will get whatever he can in other areas and go along with this in spite of whining from the Hindu right and orthodox Indian security hawks. These are not the nineties and ISI may find “victory” harder to manage than defeat. After spending valuable political capital buying this “concession” in Afghanistan, they will find themselves fighting the jihadis and still with no serious influence in the afghan regime. Hikmatyar will sell out his own mother if he has to. “Reconcilable Taliban” are more upset at Pakistan than they are at America. Even Haqqani saheb will not “ride into the valley of death, theirs not to question why”…In the long run, things are going to go where economics and population pressure are driving them. But sardarji has to be patient…If the nuttier factions of the Indian security establishment stick to their tunnel vision, things could become harder than they have to be.

Courtesy: Omar Ali & crdp@yahoogroups.com, Feb 1, 2010

Kayani spells out terms for regional stability

By Zahid Hussain

During an address to the foreign media, General Ashfaq Kayani said that peace and stability in Afghanistan were crucial to Pakistan’s long-term interests.

Courtesy: Dawn

RAWALPINDI: Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said on Monday the success of military operations in the tribal regions have caused substantial decline in cross-border attacks on Nato forces in Afghanistan and warned that it was essential to address Pakistan’s long-term strategic concerns for stability in the region.

In a rare press briefing, General Kayani said it would be a cause of worry for Pakistan if Afghanistan’s projected army developed the potential to take on Pakistan.

“We want a strategic depth in Afghanistan but do not want to control it,” the general said while talking to a group of journalists at the Army General Headquarters.

“A peaceful and friendly Afghanistan can provide Pakistan a strategic depth.” He asked the US and Nato to come out with a clear strategy on Afghanistan.

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Musharraf To Launch His Own Party?

Musharraf asks close aides to assemble in Abu Dhabi to discuss future course of action

Dubai – Islamabad, Jan.17 (ANI): Former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf has summoned his close aides to Abu Dhabi to decide on his future course of action in politics and his long awaited return home. According to sources, several of Musharraf’s intimate associates, including Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Ameer Muqam, Lala Nisar, Hamid Nasir Chattha have already reached Abu Dhabi to meet with Musharraf and work over a strategy regarding his political ambitions.

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This Islam is unacceptabe

by: Wasi Siddiqui, Toronto

“Recite Kalma – Blow yourself up with a bomb – and you will enter Paradise where 72 virgins await you.”

This is what is being taught by dangerous and radical mullahs who are ruining the lives of young people, especially teen agers, in Pakistan.

Recently, a would be suicide bomber was caught in Peshawar, where he told the whole story about how the radical mullahs are recruiting young people and promising them paradise and 72 virgins if they attain the level of “shaheed”.

The man explains that one night, as he was asleep in his home, some men came knocking on his door and asked him to come outside, as the mullah, the head of the masijid , had a job for him. The man first thought there was some kind of emergency, and rushed to the masjid to see the mullah. There he saw 20 more people sitting along with him. The mullah said: “Subhan Allah, the Angeles of Allah are waiting for your sacrifice, (as are) 72 virgins that you will get for achieving the level of shaheed.”

Was there anyone who would refuse the order of Allah? All the young men replied, “No, we cannot refuse the order of Allah, and we are ready to die in the name of Allah, the most merciful and graceful, and we will do whatever, to achieve this great martyrdom.”

The this man was taken inside a van and asked to wear a jacket laden with explosives. The driver siad, “You have to detonate the bomb as soon as we enter the compound,” then added: “Can you see the 72 virgins, they are right at the corner of the street, and also in the skies!” The young man said, “I can’t see anything,” But the driver said, “You won’t be able to see the virgins unless die and achieve the level of shaheed.”

The driver began to drive at high speed zig-zagging on the road. When the young man asked “Why are you driving  this way,” the driver replied: “There are lots of virgins now on the streets waiting with open arms, I’m trying to avoid hitting them.”

As the van approached the destination, a tire burst and the vehicle turned turtle and fell into a ravine. Law enforcement officials who happened to be on patrol rushed to the scene and removed the driver and the young man – still laden with the bomb around his body – and arrested both the wannabe suicide bomber and driver. That is when the story came out. Both are now awaiting trial in Peshawar.

The bigger question is : How has Islam become a .. [story] around the world, with this radical mullah’s ideology? Where it is mentioned in the Holy Quran or any other Islamic book that by committing suicide, one can achieve Paradise? What about the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who taught Islam his whole life, to be nice and courteous to all human beings? …

This issue is giving all Muslims a bad name, and totally misrepresenting Islam – which stands for justice and peace, not killing innocents. One must strongly condemn such acts as evil and highly deplorable.

Courtesy:  South Asia Focus, Jan 28, 2010