People of Lyari Revolt against illegal operation

by: Khalid Hashmani

The people of Lyari have had enough with the false promises from PPP leaders and PPP-MQM government that has launched an operation against Lyari people. The mostly Baloch and Sindhi residents of Lyari had been ardent supporters of People’s Party and scores of them sacrificed their lives for PPP’s political victories. They are now organizing themselves away from PPP and forming an alliance with Balochistan freedom seeking parties and Sindhi nationalist parties.

According to the daily News, to read Gahazi Salahuddin’s column, please click here

“…during the night between Sunday and Monday reflected a level of political awareness and communal solidarity that is remarkable.. … the citizens of Lyari staged a protest demonstration and marched, in tens of thousands, from Lyari to the Press Club”. The newspaper goes on to say that it was a “huge show” showed impressive organization and planning skills. It was a peaceful march and people mainly expressed their anger through their slogans. The newspaper called the demonstration as an” emotional vote of no confidence” against the PPP government.

Another interesting development is the signs of increasing influence of Baloch nationalists fast replacing the PPP loyalties among the people of Lyari. A video of a demonstration in Lyari by Baloch nationalists shows this changes through words and sights zayedbaloch/.

The same Daily News article also comments that “Karachi beginning to establish its linkages with the politics of Sindh and Balochistan”. There are now abundant signs that people of Sindh including Lyari are fed up with the status quo that allows MQM to operate outside of all norms, rules and regulations and the clue-less PPP leaders who are trampling their own constituents.

January 17, 2010

Pakistan : Role of judges in politics

Interview of Saeed Ulzaman Sidiqui with Kamran Shahid

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

An eye-opening video of discussion between Saeed Ulzaman Sidiqui and Kamran Shahid Click here to listen the interview

Saeed Ulzaman Sidiqui became Chief Justice after the illicit firing of Sajad Shah (who was a Sindhi) and was a collaborator of Nawaz Sharif in that firing. The discussion provides a lot of detail about the history of justice and rule in Pakistan. Indeed, a comment made in the discussion that Pakistan is probably the only country in the world where might is always right is enshrined in the law. I would recommend this video to all those who are always in the pursuit of truth and finding out the role and character of those who today claim to be champions of democracy and justice.

January 17, 2010

Pen is mighter than sword!

Report by: Mukhtiar Mamo, Larkano

The pen has always empowered, educated and enlightened the people throughout the history but when in the hands of dictators and the notorious persons it has proved worst then sword and played havoc with the life of the nations. This was stated by the student speakers in speech competition on the topic “ Pen is mighter than sword” here held by Knowledge Centre Larkano on Sunday.

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SAARC nations : South Asian University

Quietly, a unique SAARC varsity takes shape

by: Anubhuti Vishnoi

Courtesy: IndianExpress, Jan 15, 2010

New Delhi:To reverse brain drain, provide an academic opportunity in the subcontinent and promote a sense of South Asian community, a plan first mooted in 2005 is finally and quietly taking shape — in the form of the first truly international university being set up by eight nations.

Tax-free dollar salaries for an international faculty, a variety of multi-disciplinary courses focused on research, a multinational exam for admission, an academic environment free of directions from Commissions, and a think tank to ponder over the shared problems of the subcontinent — these will be the key features of the South Asian University (SAU) being set up by SAARC nations.

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