by Majid Maqsood, Karachi, Sindh

Violence started in Karachi was the result of occupying “Gutter Bageecho” which is around 30 acres land. Traditionally, people of Layari have been owning it but one ethnic party wanted to occupy it, so there was Action Committee made by people of Lyari for safeguarding the land. The first victim of target killing by ethnic party was Nisar Baloch who was the Chairmain of that Committee and then his successor Nadir Baloch was also killed.  “Aman committee” (Peace committe) was supported by several parties who advocate the case of Sindh. It’s so distressing to only believe that Nisar Baloch and Nadir Baloch were killed just by the land mafia. Home Minister Rehaman Malik has denied the ”Peoples Aman Committee” which is arrange by the local workers of PPP Lyari.

Since 2002, so many PPP workers have been killed? Abdullah Murad, Munwar Surwardhi and other workers of Pakistan People’s Party, indigenous social activists, workers of Baloch loyalist parties, JI, Awami National Party and vocal workers of Muslim League (N) are murdered in Karachi by an ethnic party. Home Minister Rehman Malik should answer to the people of Sindh and Pakistan, that how these workers were killed?

People of Layari have not forgotten the extra judicial killing of Rehman Baloch and other PPP workers while the crackdown on Layari was taken by rangers in the name of eliminating gang war. The PPP worker of Layari has already been annoyed from Peoples Party but PPP workers appreciate PPP, MNA, Nabeel Gabool  who has acted reciprocally on the Rangers crackdown on the democracy-loving people of Layari. It is major concern for the people of Layari that, Is there only violence happening at Layari, where PPP is a majority party? What about Landhi, Korangi, Orangi, Bafarzone, Lalo Khet, Azizabab and other areas of Karachi. Are all these areas “No Go Zone, for Rangers and Police? Why! only “Layari” characterized for Rangers operation. And how long can Pakistan People’s Party believes in policy of reconciliation while dead bodies are going to Layari, and other parts Pakistan.

A wave of unusual circumstances have been started against the cultural traits of Balochs and Sindhis in Karachi to get control of Karachi under the foot of one ethnic party but the people of Karachi, Sindh would struggle and resist them peacefully. Common folk understands if PPP compromises on slaughter of Layari then peaceful people of Layari would be no more fort for PPP. PPP workers of Layari defended Benazir Bhutto and they had always one slogan that is “Jeay Bhutto”

One mother of Martyred of Lyari at Karsaz said, “ I am unfortunate because I don’t have more son to scarify on Bhutto Family, if I were having more sons I would scarify on Bhutto Family” she had said these words on a private TV Channel and that aged mother was from Layari where Rangers operation had launched against PPP workers.

This is also a perception that recent target killings have been started to influence and change the probe of the blast on the procession of 10th Mahram and its aftermath.

It is hoped that PPP govt would do decisions in the best interest of the whole country, not only for the limited interests of one ethnic party.

January 15, 2010

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