Karachi is the inseparable Capital of Sindh

BHRC (Canada) Press release : Toronto , January 13 – Baloch Human Rights Council ( Canada ) has declared the recent killings of the indigenous Baloch populace in Karachi as a wider plan of the ethnic group to assert its administrative control over the city. The hegemonic and expansionist designs of ethnic group supported by the state policies are the root cause to all ethnic and sectarian strife and violence in Karachi, Sindh. The goals sanctioned by the ethnic group’s reign of terror against lawyers in the past, looting and burning of two thousand shops, target killing of indigenous social activists who resisted land grabbing, and the indiscriminate killings of innocent Baloch and Sindhis in Karachi, Sindh – is to decapitate Sindh’s capital from its historical and cultural roots and run it mafia-like as the Hong Kong of South Asia.

BHRC strongly condemns the PPP-MQM Sindh Government policies of discrimination and use of force against the innocent Baloch under the disguise of ‘operation-clean-up’ to rein in gangs and criminal elements. Ironically, in 1983, military operation against the Sindhis in the rural areas originally meant to crush the strong opposition to military rule was conducted under the similar pretext of “killing dacoits” in which thousands of innocent people lost their lives or were imprisoned.

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“Forum For Rights, Justice & Peace” launched in Sindh

Members of civil society, writers, journalists & social activists of Sindh launched a “Forum For Rights, Justice & Peace.” In a meeting of civil society activists, writers, journalists & social activists of Sindh at INDUS HOTEL Hyderabad “Forum For Rights, Justice & Peace”(FRJP) have been launched. Following office bearers were elected. 1 Dr. Gulzar Ali Jumani, President. 2 Abdul Wahab Munshey, Senior Vice President. 3 Dr.Agha Taj, Vice President. 4 Haji Mohd Shafi Khatari,Vice President. 5 Mukhtair Ali Abbasi,General Sectary. 6 Maqsood Ahmed Memon, Deputy General Sectary. 7 Ghulam Hyder Babal, joint Sectary. 8 Prof: Shahabubddin Mughal, Press Sectary. 9 Ramesh Kumar Ghupta, Cultural Sectary. 10 Aijaz Shaikh, Office Sectary. 11 Dr. Shams Siddique, Treasurer.

The main working Focus of Forum will be: (1) Peace (2) Justices (3) Education (4) Health (5) Freedom Of Media.

Tensions Rise As Indian Traders Arrested In China

New Delhi: The news of the detention of 21 Indian diamond traders in China on charges of smuggling has given a fresh twist to New Delhi-Beijing ties and comes a day after the arrest of three Chinese engineers in central India for alleged culpability in a factory accident that killed 41 people.

“We have sought details from the Indian embassy”, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao told reporters. The external affairs ministry is in touch with India.s ambassador to China S. Jaishankar, She said … Indianconsular Officers are expected to be granted access to the detained Indian nationals .. The incident occurs at a time when distrust has resurfaced into India’s bilateral relations with China over a host of issues, including an increased Chinese assertiveness over the boundary dispute and a reported surge in Chinese incursions into the Indian territory.

Many Chinese working on various infrastructure projects in India have also complained of a host of problems, including issues of relating to their visas. The Chinese engineers, arrested in Chhattisgarh for a power plant chimney crash that killed 41 workers in September last year, were shifted to a district hospital in Korba town after they complained of health problems, the police said in Raipur.