Sindhi Civil Society’s demands from the PPP

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
More Criticism of PPP from Sindhi Civil Society
More and more Sindhi Civil Society groups and individuals are expressing their dissatisfaction with present government and its unwillingness or inability to bring the promised relief to Sindhis. PPP may may be under delusion that their Sindhi constituents will forget and forgive the continued saga of injustices. However, the indications are that Sindhis are re-evaluating their trust in PPP and Pakistan for fairness and justice. It appears that they will elect new leaders and vote for new political parties unless PPP starts listening to their Sindhi constituents. I have extracted few key demands/grievances that were included in a set of 34 points in an e-mail issued in the name of Civil Society.

From: Sindhi Nation-Big-INFO (biginfo@hotmail. com)
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 11:03:40 -0800
Subject: 12 months of PPP Govt.. No Releif, Jobs or Mega Projects for Sindhis

For the last 12 months Pakistan Peoples Party (PPPP) has been in Power with full representation and control in all corridors of POWER. They have their president, prime minister, favorite chief of army staff, Chief Justice of SC, CMs, Chairman in Senate, Governors of choice and overwhelming majority in NA.

People of Sindh who have been voting for PPP & great Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Sahiba unanimously for the last 38 years and have costed 90% of their votes to PPP candidates on 18th February 2008, now they ask what will they get in return? It is time to speak up and let our views be known to the government of PPP and to worthy Mr Asif Ali Zardari, Mr. Bialwal Bhutto Zardari, Yousif Raza Gilani, Qaim Ali Shah, Rehman Malik, Fahmeeda Mirza, Naveed Qamar, Agha Siraj Durani, Shery Rehman, Khursheed Shah, Zulfiqar Mirza, Peer Mazhar ul Haq, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Farook Naik, Murad Ali Shah & all others federal and provincial Ministers.

Please Raise your voice and tell them that the 40 million people of Sindh are still waiting for some relief. We have noted that one year has passed but:

* No mega Project in Thar, Gorakh, Daharki, Khipro, Nooriabad, Keti Bander, Matli or Shikarpur has been announced. Sindh / Thar Coal Authority has not yet been returned back to Sindh Government & project has not been launched formally.

* DOW Medical College rejected the orders of CM for admissions of Sindhis & no action has been taken against them & Sindhi student are not being allowed to study in DMC, KU and NED

* No administrative action has been taken so far by Board of Revenue to regularize Sindhi villages of Karachi, Hyderabad & Sukkur. Goth Abad Act-1987 has not been implemented. No plan to shift and establish low-cost residential areas for rural Sindhis in their own capital Karachi has been materialized .

* Work on Thal canal is still continuing, no action taken to stop it. The theft of Sindh’s water is continuing unabated & illegal flow in CJ & TP link canals is causing drought and water famine in Sindh.

* People in villages can not afford to buy flour, rice, gas, electricity, medicines & petrol. Everyday dozens are committing suicides and women are selling their beloved kids. Share of entire Sindh’s electricity is given to Karachi and 4 to 8 hours load shedding in Sindh has not been stopped yet.

* Corruption is at new heights in Sindh, Punjab, NWFP and Balochistan. In Sindh MQM & PPP ministers of health, education, excise & taxation, forest, communication, fisheries, culture, irrigation, revenue, local govt, food etc & in federation WAPDA, Finance, Defense ministries have broken all past records of corruption and bribery. Ministers are openly negotiating 1 to 5 million bribes for lucrative transfers & postings and General, Brigadiers, Colonels & Majors are freely getting, forest, highway and riverrine lands, permits, plots and contracts through ministers

* No provincial autonomy introduced & no initiative has been taken for new NFC award. Highways of Sindh, islands and coastal, Clifton & defence lands taken by Federation have not bee returned to Province, Concurrent list remains intact, the sales, toll, and excise taxes are not yet been declared provincial revenues.

* Everyday one can find a number of announcements made by PPP ministers, MNAs and MPAs and the very next day they forget what they said earlier and announce a new plan. Speeches and announcements have become a mockery of democracy.

* Sindhi language has been forcibly driven out of Karachi and Latifabad delivering a near death blow to Sindhi language. None of the private Schools in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur are teaching Sindhi Language in classes 1 to 5

* Except just one posting in UAE no Sindhi has been appointed as Ambassador/Consul General to any Country yet. No action has been taken or policy made for promotions of Sindhis as Generals, Brigadiers, Admirals and Air Martials. No Sindhi has been appointed as Chief of any Government owned Corporation.

* Massive illegal immigration across the border from India & Afghanistan, from FATA, Northern Areas and from distant lands and other provinces of Pakistan is exerting a fatal stress on the resources of Sindh. Biharis, muhajirs and Afghans have controlled all the entry and exit points of Karachi, Habb, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Sukkur. The remaining poetions of the govt lands have been\ occupied by PPP ministers, MNAs, MPAs, office bearers and their business partners.

* No quota has yet been fixed and implemented for the purpose of employment of indigenous Sindhi people in all private businesses, industries & multinational corporations.

* No new TV or radio station or new school, college or university are being announced for any remote district or taluka of Sindh. Jacobabad, Mithi, Qamber, Thatta, Sanghar, Badin, Umer Kot and Dadu still need new Universities & technical colleges but PPP is only busy in changing the names of existing institutes and towns and earning under MUFAHAMATI (reconciliation) policy.

* When development is continuing in Punjab under CMship of Shahbaz and Pakhtoon and Baloch representatives are raising their voice against hunger, poverty and atrocities, none of the Sindhi Ministers, MNAs, MPAs, Senators, Party Office Bearers, Nazims or any PPP leader has so far publicly raised any disagreement with Party leadership for the general Cause of Sindh, None of them has objected on any Anti Sindhi Policy or for lack of opportunities, jobs or Postings ad projects for rural Sindh and above all they have not brought forward any legislation for the benefits of public at large.
Dear elected representatives of PPP, Distinguished Sirs & Madams,, we the 40 million Sindhis respect your mandate and appreciate the sacrifices made by haheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Sheed Benazir Bhutto sahiba & Meer Murtaza Bhutto but we have also suffered a lot, we have lost of sons and daughters under the dictatorships and tyrant rule of Yahya, Zia, Musharaf and Altaf Hussain and we are still waiting for some relief, please we should not be taken for granted, please reciprocate Sindhi People & Civil Society of Sindh.

Feb 16, 2009

One thought on “Sindhi Civil Society’s demands from the PPP”

  1. Dear Friends, unfortunately that’s true, they cant do any thing for sindhis but only sindhis, thru their skill, education and participation in main stream. Very nice Article, 2 thumbs up for you for such accurate facts & figures. Plz keeping posting

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