Poor Conditions Of Roads In Sindh

By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan

During my visit to rural Sindh from Karachi after a long time, I found very dangerous condition of link roads even of main roads from Sehwan to Ratodero and Naudero. The single roads already constructed about 30-40 years ago were left without shoulders at the both sides of all roads. They have been so much in derogatory, dilapidated and dangerous conditions for vehicle plying on single main roads looking like big holes and pits dug at both sides of them and the running of vehicles have met with terrible accidents many times which became the cause of loosing thousands lives from time to time. It seems the road authorities do not care and look after all the roads but wait for loss of lives due to recurring accidents and wait for their earning from contracts of construction of whole roads and they do not feel their duties to maintain the roads when at various places, they get holes and pits on them. When the roads become out of use and running on them become difficult, they prepare estimates of contracts of the whole roads and start digging and scratching them. In this way they start process of constructing new roads and take about half a century to get it completed and make it worth for running of vehicles. As a first phase, a large distance of about 30-40 Kms is dug, and dust is poured in them to make it at high side and put stones and keep it stony for many years with the result of losses of lives and vehicles as their tyres burst out and the vehicles become unable to run on such roads which are under repairs or construction. The best example we found from Dadu, Mehar, Nasirabad, Wagan, Khairpur juso up to the Larkana city. At the other side, we faced such miserable difficulty at the under construction road from Nasirabad to Badah-Moenjo Daro upto the Larkana City. How the people of the above areas live and pass their lives as they face such difficulties daily. Even in the city of Larkana at many places all internal roads and streets were full of water and holes and illegal breakers constructed by local authorities of the city showing the best proof of the neglected and apathetic attitude towards the welfare and health of the people living in the city. If some where work on repairs was started but it was run on the whims of the authorities without any checks and speed. The next experience of roads we saw when we visited Thatta, sujawal to Tando Muhammad Khan Road and later on from Thatta to pir pitho. It is shameful on the part of the local Govt authorities to neglect and ignore such dangerous roads, link as well as main roads throughout the whole Sindh Province. We saw that those roads were constructed during the first regime of PPP Chairman Shaheed Zulfiqar Bhutto but remained unrepairable and reconstructed since about 40 years. Are the authorities concerned treating the people of these areas as animals and belonging to inhuman generations. For God’s sake, the PPP regime should take these tasks and save the people of all the areas in interior Sindh from tragic accidents and loss of precious lives and vehicles as well and financial loss. The latest example of accident is of a very young MPA of Sindh Minister Mr. Jalil Memon of Thatta and his brothers while going from the Thatta to Pir Pitho through a very dangerous single road having no shoulders and borders at both sides constructed 30-40 years ago. It is therefore suggested to the chief secretary and CM Sindh to get all the old roads reconstructed with necessary shoulders or borders at the both sides of all single roads. This will save many lives and financial loss of the people of Sindh and Pakistan.

Is it the end of the road for PPP-MQM love-hate affair?

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Is it the end of the road for PPP-MQM love-hate affair?

By Shaheen Sehbai

Courtesy: The News

LONDON: The top MQM leadership strongly believes and fears that its days of continuing a working relationship with the PPP, led by President Asif Ali Zardari, are over and unless a quick and effective remedy is found, Sindh and especially Karachi will slide deep into chaos and anarchy.

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Sindhi Civil Society’s demands from the PPP

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
More Criticism of PPP from Sindhi Civil Society
More and more Sindhi Civil Society groups and individuals are expressing their dissatisfaction with present government and its unwillingness or inability to bring the promised relief to Sindhis. PPP may may be under delusion that their Sindhi constituents will forget and forgive the continued saga of injustices. However, the indications are that Sindhis are re-evaluating their trust in PPP and Pakistan for fairness and justice. It appears that they will elect new leaders and vote for new political parties unless PPP starts listening to their Sindhi constituents. I have extracted few key demands/grievances that were included in a set of 34 points in an e-mail issued in the name of Civil Society.

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800 kg of explosive recovered from terrorists in Islamabad

Disaster averted as 800kg explosives recovered

By: Kashif Ali Abbasi

Courtesy: The Nation

ISLAMABAD – While averting a possible disaster in Federal Capital, CID police recovered 800 kg explosive materials from suburb area of Islamabad besides arresting three key members of a banned militants outfit.

Police sources said that CID police on Saturday raided at a house situated in New Abadi, a locality of Bharaku, and recovered 800 kg explosive material, cables and other devices from the possession of three terrorists.

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Rockets fired in India-Pakistan Wagah border

India opened fire at Pak’s checkpoints at Wagah

Courtesy: Dunyanews

Pakistan registered a strong protest with Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) authorities against indiscriminate firing at Punjab Rangers’ checkposts at Wagah Border by Indian forces, which was continued for the whole Friday night. According to sources, Indian army has started firing at Pakistan border checkposts at 12:30pm.Earlier, three blasts were also heard, ensued by firing which was continued for long. Rangers Punjab spokesman ruled out Indian allegations, saying that Pakistan had not fired any rockets nor fired at Indian border. Meanwhile, Pakistan India Flagstaff meeting has also been summoned.

Saturday January 09, 2010 11:15AM



Rockets fired in India-Pakistan border skirmish

Courtesy: CNN

New DELHI, India (CNN) — Indian border guards fired four rockets into Pakistan on Saturday in what they said was retaliation to a similar fire from the other side. Pakistan denied that claim.

Two unexploded rockets were traced after midnight near an Indian outpost along the border dividing the Punjab region between the two countries, said K. Srinivasan, a deputy inspector-general of India’s Border Security Force.

“We have standing instructions to retaliate and retaliate heavily,” he said, adding that Indian borders guards also fired about 50 gunshots. The firing has stopped as of now, he said.

But a spokesman for the Pakistan Rangers said India’s allegations were false. Nadeem Raza said that an explosion was heard at about 11:30 p.m., after which Indians fired mortars into Pakistani territory.

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