3 thoughts on ““I’m Not Afraid to Die” – says President Zardari”

  1. mout se darr insanoo ko lgta ha kuthoo ko nai, ALLAH se DUA ha k wo tume sari dunniya k lye baise ibbrat banaye tb tume pata chale ga k tm jaise loggon ne apne haram kamaiyun k lye ghariboon ko kis tarah ZINDA QABAR ma uttar dia ha

  2. haaan tu zahir ha na ,benazir ko marwa diya nawaz ko phansa diya tu ab kais mout or kesa darr.pr aik baat yaad rakho k

    Allah ki rasi draz zaroor hoti pr jb wo khenche ga tu…………..

  3. Pakistan politics is once again passing through crests and troughs. Probably not new for democratic forces as it has become a sober precedent to have glimpse of democracy and then long long period of dark dictatorship. Democracy was smashed through one or the other way but Judiciary was the most perfect weapon used for this purpose in the history and once again selection was Judiciary and NRO was the tool. I’m inclined to record here that all the respectable people who are expressing discontent over the recent NRO verdict need to be heard for the sake of reason. They are very right in their comments that corruption remains a common denominator among most of the political and non-political actors. The army, the secret agencies, the lawyers, the judiciary, the political parties (including self righteous religious parties), the business class, the agricultural elite, the professionals including doctors and teachers (we have very high profile personalities from academia who are accused of plagiarism), civil bureaucracy, the society in general at all possible levels – corruption in all shapes, forms, intensities and quantities is there. We accept it as the odd order of our lives. We need to fight, this menace in most stern manner. We have come up as one of the most proud nations and in fact PPP sacrificed lives and soaked the soil of our motherland with blood. All for the sake of democracy. We have been fighting frequently invading dictators. People of Pakistan have been winning these wars against dictators proudly since last 62 years of our country’s existence. The present victory in terms of winning a democratically elected government is a fruit of people’s consistent struggle and sacrifices. Now, when we got it, We should not allow anyone to derail it for their personal agendas. NRO had to be taken in order to get rid of a dictator. If we had to back at square one, there was no need to laid lives for democracy, there was no need to oust a dictator, there was no need to stand unite against darkness of democracy. No, no, we cannot allow anyone to derail democratic set up. The blood of martyrs of democracy cannot go futile. We will not allow these jugglers to play with this nation and democracy.

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