How Long Can Mr. Zardari Last In Power?

The court ruling on NRO is expected to pave the way for several petitions in the supreme Court, challenging both Mr. Zardari’s eligibility to contest the 2008 presidential election and the immunity that is granted to him under the Constitution. While ordering that all the withdrawn cases be revived, the court also said it did not trust the government prosecutors to do this, and was therefore appointing a monitoring cell in the Supreme Court as well as all the four provincial high courts for the speedy prosecution of the cases. President Zardari is in the direct line of fire by the superior court and the country’s establishment is behind the move and President Zardari is on their Notice board and radar.

Fish, Cholesterol and Heart

Eating fish supports high density lipoprotein or HDL. High HDL gives benefits to heart health. When person eats fish triglyceride levels  generally drop. Triglyceride levels rise easily, especially after meals rich in carbohydrate (such as bread products and sugar).  Elevated triglycerides are yet another independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. High triglycerides raise the risk of heart attack or stroke even if a person’s cholesterol levels are normal. Life style significantly aggravate elevated high cholesterol and heart problems such as obesity, smoking etc.

After the NRO

By Ayesha Siddiqa

Courtesy:, 18 Dec/09

Now that the NRO problem has apparently been resolved people are jumping with joy. There are some commentators who believe that this represents the strengthening of the system and democracy, that the Supreme Court verdict is a warning for presumptuous, overly ambitious and corrupt politicians.

The decision certainly is a milestone, but what does it mean for the overall learning process of the various stakeholders in the country’s power politics? And will it influence the future of Pakistan’s politics? These are two basic points to ponder.

Although it can be argued that the NRO was always controversial and people were eager to sort the matter out soon after it came into existence, there was always the possibility of the issue getting sidelined due to workable political arrangements.

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Judiciary losing its sparkle

By Kuldip Nayar

Courtesy: Dawn, 11 Dec, 2009

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill, the then British prime minister, wrote to the lord chancellor, the chief justice, to ensure that the judiciary delivered justice.

Concerned, the lord chancellor asked Churchill why he had expressed such a fear when his attention was focused on how to stop the advancing Nazis. Churchill replied that as long as people were sure of getting justice, they would fight for their country even in the middle of reverses.

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Supreme Court of Pakistan struck down the NRO

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has struck down the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), The controversial ordinance granting politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists amnesty was brought in by ex-President Gen. Pervez Musharraf for his own political interests. The court decision opens the way to possible prosecution for President Zardari’s political cronies and other allies, though he remains protected by presidential immunity. A welcome step towards rule of law in Pakistan and hope that the law will even extend across the board to other power corridors of corrupt bearucratics, industrialists, businessmen, politicians, judges, journalists and generals…

The benefits of Tea reduced when sugar and milk added into it

Next to water, people drink tea more than any beverage in the world, particularly in Asia and Europe. Tea is a rich source of many antioxidants. Within thirty to fifty minutes after drinking a cup of brewed tea, blood levels of antioxidants rise by 40 to 50 percent and may last for up to eighty minutes. Black and green tea contains various antioxidants including quercetin and catechins that can reduce the risk of coronary heart artery disease and stroke significantly. Tea also lowers the blood level of homocysteine, a protein compound that is highly damaging to cardiovascular system (heart). But the cardiovascular and anti-cancer benefits of tea (green or black) are substantially reduced if milk and sugar is added to the tea, a practice all too common in Pakistan, India and whole south Asia. This because some ingredients in milk (such as lactalbumin, fatty acids, and calcium) may bind to tea’s antioxidants and phenolic compounds at high temperatures, and reduce their absorption from the digestive tract.

Conspiracy Theories Are Clear and Present Danger for Pakistan

Courtesy: NewPakistan, Dec. 14, 2009

Gul Bukhari’s column in today’s Dawn makes a near-perfect case for why the conspiracy theory media is a clear and present danger to Pakistan. Bukhari points out that there are certain media personalities like Nadeem Paracha and Fasi Zaka who are countering this conspiracy trend. There are also a growing number of reasoned voices in the blogs who are speaking out against such conspiracies like the blogs Chagatai Khan, Pak Tea House, Pakistan Media Watch, and Agha Haider Raza among others.

Hopefully more voices will be rising up to counter the conspiracy theory media and to show clearly to the media companies that we want honest and objective journalism, not conspiracies. Our nation depends on it.

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Regime Change… Who will be the main loser?

by: Zulfiqar Halepoto

Who will be the main loser, if present government is going to be dislodged? Off course majority of the progressive, secular and democracy loving people of the country. They don’t have choice. PPP is still a lesser evil choice for them. They are in dilemma. They are at the cross road. Conservative forces have lot of choices, JI, MMA and PMLN…extremist mindset. But progressive people have to have their choices and options too.

PPP has a habit to take people for granted. Today their lack of commitment, poor governance, corruption reaching the heights of Himalayan mountains, favoritism, nepotism, zero accountability, weak social services delivery to the poor people and crisis of credibility and leadership is not only a threat to present democratically elected government and PPP as a party but it is a great below to the progressive and secular people of Pakistan, who want to see Pakistan a true democratic state with strong institutions and rule of law and constitutionalism.

We hate military dictatorships and authoritarian rules by conservative forces but is there a chance for PPP to mind its business. Most of the leaders will run away from country and others will bargain with NAB and other agencies.

But the progressive values, democratic polity and we will be the ultimate losers. So we shall demand that let the people decide to change the government in coming elections. Let the voters to decide the fate of the regime. They are elected by the people…but are they ready to listen to the sentiments of the people.

The federal government’s lawyer Kamal Azfar on Monday stunned the Supreme Court bench hearing challenges to the controversial NRO by saying that he alluded to the American CIA and the GHQ (General Headquarters) when he cautioned in the petition he had filed last week about threats that could derail the democratic system in Pakistan.

‘You want me to say it more openly? The danger comes from the CIA and the GHQ,’ Mr Azfar responded after the 17-judge bench repeatedly asked him what apprehensions he had in mind about the democratic set-up. ‘Look what we have done to Pakistan which otherwise (was) destined to become an Asian tiger, but one prime minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was hanged while the other, Benazir Bhutto, was killed,’ Mr Azfar bemoaned…

Courtesy: e-lists, December 15, 2009

An old paradigm!

by: Omar Ali

IF this is true (one never knows in this dirty business) then its bad news for Pakistan. Some people think its mostly bad news for the Americans and feel delighted at that, but I am one of those who thinks its actually worse for Pakistanis. Because it means the old ISI paradigm is alive and well and that paradigm is going to lead to a new and much bigger Afghan war and eventually to war with India. The whole thing is based on the mistaken notion that India is a soft target and will never cross the ISI’s red lines. Unfortunately, the ISI’s own pets will cross all red lines and will force India, Iran, Russia and NATO to cooperate against Pakistan and win or lose, that will not be pleasant.

For more =>Pak Rebuffs U.S. on Taliban Crackdown

Courtesy: CRDP, Dec 14, 2009

British court issued an arrest warrant for former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni on war crimes

British court issued arrest warrant for Livni – report

Courtesy: Reuters & YahooNews

A British court issued an arrest warrant for former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni on war crimes charges but withdrew it on finding she had cancelled a planned trip to Britain, the Guardian newspaper reported.

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Serve humanity in true manner

by: G.M. Syed, [Translation by: Majid Maqsood, from the book Syed Ja Qol]

– In true democracy one nation may not be superior in terms of majority to talent, resources, standing and wisdom on other nation.

– I firmly believe in true politics, and it can serve humanity in true manner, it gives blessings and it develops spirituality.

– Democracy can be benefited for peace, development and unity of the country..

– In politics some principles are important to make and follow in life. Those who cannot maintain their character may not be expected to do the politics on principle stand.

– We believe in political criticism but not in personal attacks.

– Our political worker should have dare and character to face the challenges.

– To differ politically is justified but personal criticism should be avoided.

– As nobody is perfect, therefore political worker should keep in mind other persons’ services, emotion and political principle while doing criticism.

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U.S., Taliban and Chapati mystery

by: Omar Ali

I personally think that the people of Pakistan will be better off if U.S. General McChrystal succeeds but I am well aware that in this view I am in a minority. There are several distinct groups of Pakistanis that disagree with me, all for different reasons. For example:

1. Left wing intellectuals are split at this time. Some consider the Taliban-Army nexus such a threat that they have taken a deep breath and pulled away from their traditional anti-Americanism to SOME extent. But most are absolutely convinced that capitalism and the existing world system are inherently evil and are responsible for most/ALL of the world’s ills, including the Taliban (for example, the Taliban are described by the learned scholars on “chapati mystery” as “the talibothra”, an exaggerated, manufactured threat that is being used to propel the interests of “the empire” and so on). Of course, the actual influence of the left is limited in Pakistan.

2. Islamists share the left’s hatred of America, but from a very different perspective. They are not opposed to “empire” as such. They are opposed to THIS empire and would like to see it replaced by “THEIR” empire. I frequently argue that the Islamists are a minority and practical considerations will eventually cause the army to side with America. But every few days, some anecdotal experience will shake this “pragmatic” assumption of mine. Just yesterday, I had a long discussion with a gentleman who has run several Islamic centers in the US, has a PhD in Islamic studies and is probably a US citizen (I did not ask). I asked him how an American withdrawal would help the Afghan people? His reply was interesting: He did not take the Tariq Ali line that once America leaves, the oppressed nations will figure things out, thanks to their superior culture, where poetry is still alive and ordinary people quote poets and write poems (I am not joking, Tariq Ali actually made that argument about Iraq). No, this Islamist was much more realistic in some ways (also much more cold blooded, in that he was willing to see millions killed as long as it hurt America). He side stepped the issue of the common people and argued this way: “Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc have many divergent interests and frequently fight against each other, but they ALL agree on one issue. That America must be cut down to size. To do this, they cooperate just enough to keep the insurgencies going. They DON’T want America to leave Afghanistan OR Iraq. They just don’t want America to win in either country. When Pakistan felt the heat, Iran took in Hikmatyar in spite of the fact that he is a SUNNI fundamentalist and an ISI asset. Saudi Arabia still maintains ties to the Taliban in spite of the Royal family’s issues with Bin Laden. Everyone understands one thing. America must be kept bleeding…. and this strategy is working. America will collapse sooner rather than later.

3. Final anecdote: At least 5 of the 10 other people sitting around that table (all US citizen Pakistani doctors who will presumably suffer some pain if the US were to “go down”) were nodding their heads during this learned discourse. The assumption was that “obviously we all understand that America must go down”. Even if we are ourselves “American”.

4. Based on this kind of anecdotal experience, I find the notion that the ISI and the Pak army want the US to “win” rather unbelievable. They may at some level be scared of the possible outcome if America pulls out too soon. But they don’t want the US to win. A long slow bleed would be the ideal outcome.

5. I think there IS an increasing number of people who would like to see the Taliban taken out and who are even coming around to supporting an American “victory”. but watch Pakistani TV and see how hard it is for even the most anti-Taliban person to bring themselves to say that. I still think that they will come around to this view because the alternative is horrible civil war and endless conflict with India, Iran, etc. etc. But I don’t think we can underestimate the magnitude of the “public diplomacy” challenge.

6. And then there is Eric Prince and Black-water and General Boykin and the people who think this really IS a crusade for Christ.

The worst case scenarios are never too far away from becoming the likelier scenarios.

Though I still optimistic.. .”very gradual change we can believe in”

Comments welcome.

Courtesy: Omar Ali &, Sun Dec 13, 2009

Fiber helps prevent diabetes, constipation, colon cancer, hemorrhoids and obesity

Fiber prevents constipation, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, heart disease, and obesity. Fiber contributes to a feeling of fullness and lowers the glycemic index of your meal. It helps prevent insulin resistance/ diabetes. Whole wheat bread, fresh fruits and vegetables are the good source of fiber. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of fresh crystal clean water daily.

Support our Sindhi brothers and sisters in India in their struggle to create the Sindh state

by:Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

… I appeal to all Sindhis of the world including Sindhis in Sindh to support our Sindhi brothers and sisters in India in their struggle to create the Sindh state. Although, many Sindhis living in India have supported the Rights Movement of Sindhi people in Sindh, most have shown apathy towards Sindhi causes and Sindhi language. This proposal offers an opportunity for two Sindhi groups living in different countries to work for common cause.

I am hopeful that Indian Sindhis and Pakistani Sindhis would strongly support each other and under-take joint projects to promote the use of Sindhi language and protect Sindhi heritage.

A little harsh…but then, the times are not good.

Mehsud International AirportExtraordinary Rendition.

By: Hakim Hazik

Courtesy: Justice Denied, December 12, 2009

This is a live transmission from the Mehsud International Airport, formerly Benazir International Airport, formerly Islamabad International Airport. Our most honoured guest, his Excellency Mullah Abdus Salam Zaeef, the special representative of the Caliph of Islam, Mullah Mohammad Omar will shortly disembark from his donkey cart. Two children dressed in traditional attire and suicide jackets will present him bouquets of flowers.

This transformation in the fortunes of the Ummah was made possible after the sharia compliant martyrdom action in the Moon Market, the crumbling of the satanic resistance and the triumph of the Faith over the lands of Af-Pak. Very soon these lands will expand and become the lands Af-Pak-Ind-Chin. The ministry of Implementation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice will rid the world of sin, lies, infamy, music and cricket.

One of the first actions of the new regime of the faithful has been to erect scaffolding on the Constitution Avenue where the enemies of the Caliphate will be hung every morning till 11 o’clock, after being beheaded by careful, compassionate and pious executioners, specially brought in from the holy city of Qandahar. They will be accommodated in the parliament lodges of the now defunct parliament.

It is hope that the parliament houses will soon be converted to a world class madrassah and a university. The Caliphate is keen to encourage discussion on pressing issues of modern jurisprudence such as the length of beards and trousers for men, the optimal position of the body and the nature of the restraint applied when flogging women and newly emerging technologies to maintain ablution from dawn till dusk.

A thorough examination will take place of the techniques recommended by established jurists for the execution of heretics and apostates including those who indulge in the execrable routines of democracy, practice the so called law of the now defunct pre-caliphate courts and send their girls to school to acquire corrupt and decadent pre-caliphate education.

The so called freedom of the media has been regulated. Freedom has to be within certain limits, we cannot allow attacks on the fundamentals of the Caliphate. From now on the only political comment allowed will be by Hazrat Zaid Hamid, the greatest jurist exegete of modern times. He is the only person in the gaggle of so called anchors who is not swayed by petty considerations of logic, rationality and sanity when discussing weighty issues facing the Ummah.

Hamid Mir on the other hand will have to acquire further education in the Institute of Modern Journalism in Tora Bora before he can apply for the reinstatement of his talk show. The rest of the anchors will be redeployed to martyrdom missions. (Female anchors will be redeployed to the harem of Caliph Sahib.)

Mullah Sahib will hold detailed discussions with Maulana Masood Azhar, the Governor of the province of Indus Basin on the thorny issue of tobacco. There is disagreement on the best method of consuming this divine gift. The scholars of the Hindukush Province recommend tucking it under the cheek, whereas Maulana’s Government is currently keen to pursue inhalational use for the faithful. These difficulties are however likely to be resolved in a brotherly fashion.

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Opinion : Why not Sindh State in India if Telangana can be formed?

by: Deepak Keswani

If Central Government feels OK to create the new small states in India, then why not it create a new State named “Sindh State” in India.

Sindh State is being demanded since the India got independence from British empire. Sindhis living in India Lost their motherland in Partition.

If Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal, Jharkhand can be formed, why not Sindh. Why Government of India is behaving like Step Father to Sindhis.Recently Central Government decided to form Telangana State out of Andhra Pradesh. Everyone is trying to protect their cultural heritage and language. Whats wrong with Sindhis?

When tens of new states are being demanded in the name of Telangana, why not Sindhis say anything? Sindhis have made great contributions in Indian Business Development and plenty of NRIs keep adding foreign exchange of country at the cost of what? At the cost of loosing their own culture & language?

In absence of Sindhi state in India, our language at the verge of dying and new Sindhi generation hardly know any traditions & rituals. Indian government recognized Sindh in National Anthem representing the Sindhi culture and Sindhi people living in India. Does that raises a question mark? Is Indian government really doing something for protecting Sindhis’ culture, language and traditions?

Do you think you can do something for protecting our sweet language which very few are proud of speaking?

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All Major Terror Groups Based In Pakistan – U.S. says

Washington: Top US lawmakers agree that Pakistan constituted the principal challenge for US policymakers as all major terror groups, including perhaps Osama bin Laden, were in that country. John Kerry, Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, acknowledged Pakistan was at the core of US challenge in the AfPak region, as all major terror groups including the Lashkar-e-Taiba, blamed for the Mumbai terror attacks and Al Qaeda leaders, “most likely including Osama bin Laden”, are based in Pakistan… “New York or Mumbai or Peshawar”, all are threatened by extremism, said Kerry, a co-author of a bill tripling non-military aid to Pakistan to $7.5 billion over five years, at a congressional hearing. Confronting terrorism was major challenge before the world and cooperation was the key to succeed against the menace, Kerry said. “We must work together in stopping people throwing bombs and killing innocent people. That’s the world’s challenge…

Richard Lugar, the top Republican on the panel, said: “The future direction of governance in Pakistan will have consequences for non-proliferation efforts, global economic stability, our relationships with India and China and security in both the Middle East and South Asia regions.” “The potential global impact of instability in a nuclear armed Pakistan dwarfs anything that is likely to happen in Afghanistan,” he said. Underlining the need for taking the war on terror to its logical end in Pakistan, Kerry said from Haqqani network to Quetta Shura, the extremist groups do not stop at Afghan border and “so our strategy must also extend to Pakistan“.

“Al Qaeda’s leader are there, most likely including Osama bin Laden, homegrown militants like the LeT are there, and so are the men directing Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, he said.  …

3 new sindhi comedy Telefilms uploaded

A unique family with crazy ideas of living…An extremely miser father, a mother with a poor memory, a son with perpetually failing ideas, a daughter in law who only eats all day, another son who dreams all day and a daughter who wants to become an actress… a family always in trouble!

Director: Rajesh Bachchani, Producer: Asha Chand

Sindhi Sangat has uploaded 3 wonderful comedy episodes of 25 min — all in Sindhi. Each member of the Kitkitani family is funny and crazy.

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By Dr Ali AKbar Dhakan

Every Pakistani has been happy and over joyous to hear the news of providing more share of finances to Balochistan and N.W.F.P at the cost of Sindh Province as Punjab did not surrender its share and got the same ratio of funds.It may also be kept in mind that Punjab has already been taking double quantum of finances because of its major representation in the federation as it belongs mostly to Punjab in case of employment in civilian and military or defence organizations and setup. Sindh produces more and generates more income but all income earned by Sindh province goes to federation providing a small chunk of resources from its income to Sindh by federation .The following paragraphs indicate the position in revenue contribution made by all Provinces of Pakistan and revenue recieved by them.

The position is apparent from the data shown by Dawn of November,22-2000. In 1997-98 Sindh contributed Rs.170 billion and the Punjab conributed only Rs.58 billion whereas Sindh recieved only Rs.23 billion and the Punjab recieved Rs.58 billion.During 2001-02 Sindh earned Rs.226 billion but the Punjab earned Rs.80 billion whereas during this year the Sindh got only Rs.32 billion but the Punjab got Rs.77 billion.In this way in the period of 5 years from from 1997-98 to 2001-02, Sindh got only 14% of its shares whereas the Punjab got 94% from all the resources or finances .Now, one can understand how the Sindh province has been deprived of its resources and suffered from all evils of poverty, hunger, deprivation, diseases and socio-economic disorder particularly during the regimes of dictators .People of Sindh have always been neglected not from its resources but from the rights its employment, equal treatment in filling up the posts of heads organizations, banks, departments, corporations etc even in this regime of PPP as the Prime Minister belongs to the Punjab and as not been giving due weightage to the people of Sindh province as the President of Pakistan belonging to Sindh has been caught in the net of propaganda and uncertainity .

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Reasons of Eczema, Multi-reasons. Such as; digestive imbalances, body toxification, unhealthy diet and Candida/parasites in colon ande some other factors are the causes of Eczema. This may help. Cut sugar and sugar products, rice and rice products, potato and potato products. (Take Multi- vitamin and multi-mineral supplement which contain Zinc), fresh washed raw colorful & leafy green vegetables and fruits, 8 to 10 glasses of crystal clean fresh water and yogurt early in the morning with a full glass of  water Or Lashi/Dudhee.

Demand for Regularisation of PARC employees under Mega Project namely R&S NARS-B Balochistan

It is submitted that we undersigned employee of the under reference project are working since last 2005 June, at R&S NARS-B. Now the dead line of said project is June 2010, just after the completion of a project, we 222  employees of the project would become jobless, thus high economic recession must be incurred upon our families and It may be a great disaster.

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Life is a Challenge—Meet it.  Life is a Gift—Accept it. Life is an Adventure—Dare it. Life is Sorrow—Overcome it. Life is a Tragedy—Face it. Life is a Duty—Perform it. Life is a Game—Play it. Life is a Mystery—Unfold it. Life is a Song—Sing it. Life is an Opportunity—Take it. Life is a Journey—Complete it. Life is a Promise—Fulfill it. Life is Love—Enjoy it. Life is Beauty—Admire it. Life is a Spirit—Realize it. Life is a Struggle—Fight it. Life is a Puzzle—Solve it. Life is a Goal—Achieve it.

Diabetes-II: The Consequence of Obesity

Diabetes- 2 is one of many diseases linked to obesity. Cut sugar, wheat, rice and potato products and lose weight. Eat fresh green leafy vegetables and 8 to 10 glasses of clean fresh water and yogurt every day. It may help to slow Diabetes- II. For good health healthy lifestyle and diet is important. You can not buy your health by pills, you should earn it through healthy choices. From doctors you can only receive symptomatic relief for your conditions.

A military coup in Pakistan?

Restive generals represent the backers of the Taliban and al-Qaeda – bad news for the war next door.

by: Tarek Fatah

Courtesy:  Globe and Mail

A military coup is unfolding in Pakistan, but, this time, there is no rumbling of tanks on the streets of Islamabad. Instead, it seems the military is using a new strategy for regime change in Pakistan, one that will have adverse consequences for Western troops deployed in Afghanistan.

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Punjab Takes Away Revenues of Sindh – says NFC Action Committee Sindh


Population Tyranny of Punjab Takes Away Revenues of Sindh

Courtesy and Thanks: Daily Ibrat, Nov. 13, 2009

By Javed Qazi, Karachi, Sindh

Respected Sir,

We acknowledge to the fact that you, your family and the Party had struggled at a great length for the restoration of democracy in the country. Your sacrifices have bare fruit that today not only the democracy is restored but also judiciary is relatively independent. We categorically share with you the same principle that these are fundamentally the military dictatorships that have weakened the country and it is only the democratic process which not only strengthens the democracy but shall also make the country become stable and sovereign along with the democratic process. Having this common interest with you today we feel contented to discuss with you this fact as well that ours is the democracy which has federalism as its basic component.

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Punjab seeks lion’s share from so called federal pool of NFC, ..earned from resources of Sindh

The demand for new NFC

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean

Pakistani newspaper reported that ANP-led provincial government of NWFP will pursue a new NFC Award Formula based on multi-factors. Their proposed formula will give weight to “Population”, “Poverty”, “Infrastructure” and “Presence of Afghan refugees“. I would recommend that the NFC formula be enhanced to include “Revenue Collection” and “Presence of all refugees/migrants from other provinces and countries”. I believe that this enhanced formula would be fair to all provinces as it will not only meet unique requirements of each province but also help the poverty-stricken and backward areas to overcome these deficiencies.

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By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

It is the need of hour that in Sindh small industrial units may be established to get all the unemployed educated youngsters employed and provided them a loaf of bread and save them from the criminal thinking and actions because free mind is devil`s mind .All Sindhis living abroad should provide necessary guidance and financial assistance to their relatives in Sindh so that they can be source of living and earning income for their future generations .In this way the Sindh people can see the days of happiness and prosperity and also make their villages and towns transformed into civilized centers of development .This will also minimize the problem of over population shifted to big cities in search of livelihood .For this purpose Sindhis living in foreign countries should organize associations in the cities where they reside at the moment and collect necessary resources for setting small industrial units in sindh .They may also start campaign to compel the administration of Sindh province to save Sindh and Sindhi people from the crimes.