Fear, Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Fear, depression, and anxiety are types of mental disorders. Mental disorders are common in South Asia but there is no way to diagnoses them.

Symptoms of depression: Low energy level, simple tasks seem difficult or overwhelmed, feel angry and hopelessness. If above feeling lasts long time and interfere the day-to-day life of person they may see psychiatrist. Symptoms of Anxiety:Fear and panic where most of normal people don’t feel any threat or Panic. People with anxiety disorders feel sudden panic attacks some other feel constant worriness. People with mental disorders especially with depression feel discouragement and sadness which lasts more than four weeks may be sign of any mental disorder. Such as; prolong irritability, unable to concentrate, thoughts of death or suicide attempts, helplessness, crying and worthlessness, relationship difficulties, lack of energy, uncharacteristically screaming fear to go to school or work, fear of unexplained situation, often feel afraid to be alone and sweaty palms etc.

This may help- See/visit to doctor + Eat fresh washed leafy green vegetables and fruits, eat papaya, cut off sugar and sugar products + consume yogurt + take multi-vitamins and multi-mineral supplements + drink 8 to 10 glasses of clean fresh water + exercise.

President Zardari : An open declaration of war — now what?

An open declaration of war — now what?

Courtesy: The News

News analysis by Shaheen Sehbai

NAUDERO: Hearing President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday was a painful experience. All, including the diehard PPP jiyalas, were stunned. Their co-chairman had just declared war on every institution, without telling them who were the enemies, what they were doing and why. It was aptly described by a journalist on Facebook as Zardari’s “farewell address”.

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The Concept of Autonomy is an Absolute Fallacy: Dr. Fai

Granada, Spain, December 29, 2009. “The concept of autonomy or self rule for Kashmir is an absolute fallacy. Here one has to rely on a provision of the Indian Constitution. All Constitutions of the world are subject to amendments and Indian Constitution is no exception. If not now, in the foreseeable future, the Indian legislature can delete this provision in the Constitution and the move will not even need a debate in the Parliament,” said Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center at Alhambra Hotel, Granada, Spain.

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Top army General face court martial in land fraud

New Delhi: A top Army General faces the prospect of “termination of services”, while three other Generals either a court martial or administrative action with a probe holding them responsible for a land fraud at Darjeeling.

The Army headquarters in New Delhi said it had received the inquiry report on Wednesday from the authorities, who ordered the inquiry, and that it would analyse the details to the details to initiate action in accordance with military law.

The report, according to sources, had recommended “termination of serves” of Lt Gen Avadesh Prakash, the military Secretary at the Army headquarters, as per Army Act and Army Rules “for unduly influencing” the transfer of the civilian land adjacent to Sukhna military station in Darjeeling to a private institution. It also directed court martial proceedings against Deputy Chief of Staff designate Lt Gen P K Rath and Major Gen PC Sen, under whose tenure at 33 Corps headquarters in Sukhna the land fraud took place for issuing a No Objection Certificate to the private institution, which falsely claimed to start an affiliate of Ajmer-based Mayo College in the 70-acre land, they said.

The report also recommended that Lt Gen Ramesh Halgali, who is at present the 11 Corps commander at Jalandhar, and had a minor role in the NOC episode in his earlier tenure in Darjeeling, should face administrative action, sources added. Eastern Army Commander Lt Gen V K Singh, the convening authority of the probe, had a couple of days ago sent his recommendation to Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor seeking action against the four Generals for their alleged involvement in the land fraud.

“The Court of Inquiry has been completed and received by Army HQ today. The proceedings of the Inquiry will now be analysed as per the existing Standard Operating Procedures in accordance with the military law,” a Army spokesperson said in a statement in the capital. “It is reiterated that the Army is amongst the few organizations which which is very sensitive to any irregularities and have proactively sought immediate and teimely action against those indulging in worongs,” he added.

The Court of Inquiry (COI), headed by Lt Gen K T Parnaik, the General Officer Commanding of the Tezpur based 4 Corps , had held the four officers culpable for their role in issuing the NOC to Dilip Aggarwal Geetanjali Education Trust, much against the earlier Army stand that the NOC should not be issued.

After the Darjeeling land controversy broke out, Defence Minister A K Antony had ordered an independent  probe and instructed the Army that even the top brass should not be spared if the charges were proved.