KAR LO JO KARNA HAI – President Zardari vows to fight back

President Zardari vows to fight back

Courtesy: APP

ISLAMABAD, Dec 19 (APP): President Asif Ali Zardari Saturday said the PPP will use democracy and constitutionalism as its weapons to fight its adversaries and foil all conspiracies against it. He said this while addressing the concluding session of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting of the party in the Presidency on Saturday.The CEC of the party not only reposed full confidence in his leadership but also vowed to rally around him at time when he is the target of criticism and political attacks from all around and to put up a fierce fight in his defence.

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Gham-e-Hussain & Sham-e-Benazir

Let us mourn two great tragedies together

0n December 27th, 2007 Sindh suffered the irremediable loss of Benazir Bhutto that will haunt and sadden the hearts of all Sindhis and lover of democracy, tolerance and secularism for centuries to come. The day also falls on 9th Muharam, when another monumental tragedy that of Karbala was taken place. Our slain queen, Benazir also fell at the hands of the Yazids of her times. Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF) invites all peace and democracy lovers, all those who believe in secular and progressive values to come outside Radio Pakistan Hyderabad Building @ Miran Muhammad Shah Road (near Hyderabad Press Club) @ 4 PM sharp on 27th to mount a candle lit vigil to pay homage to the finest daughter of Sindh. One Rose, a candle and a tear drop is all that the memory of BB Shaheed demands of you.

Zulfiqar Halepoto, Secretary SDF

What you eat is how you sleep!

Middle age can be annoying- not able to sleep at night. It seems the foods we eat play a part in it. This may help– Stay away from tea, coffee, chocolate, soft drink/Cola after 6 pm and any thing spicy and gassy. Eat some thing which gives soothing effects such as whole grains. Get nice and warm bath before going to bed. Consume yogurt or milk at bed time.