Supreme Court of Pakistan struck down the NRO

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has struck down the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), The controversial ordinance granting politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists amnesty was brought in by ex-President Gen. Pervez Musharraf for his own political interests. The court decision opens the way to possible prosecution for President Zardari’s political cronies and other allies, though he remains protected by presidential immunity. A welcome step towards rule of law in Pakistan and hope that the law will even extend across the board to other power corridors of corrupt bearucratics, industrialists, businessmen, politicians, judges, journalists and generals…

3 thoughts on “Supreme Court of Pakistan struck down the NRO”

  1. Asalam O Alaikum,

    We all citizens of Pakistan, want the stolen wealth of the Nation, be returned by whoever had stolen it by fraud, by any illegal means ..

    this is the demand of the people,, and we are not against any particular person, and next time, people should think clearly,, not to vote for any Person who has a tainted background.

    Many thanks and Long Live Pakistan and the Chief Justice of Pakistan

  2. NRO– May I recall your memories that

    1. Altaf Hussain is the one who had invited and nominated the Name of Mr Zardari for president of Pakistan and he is also the one who against given the name Of Mr Zardari For Qurbani…and against NRO…..

    2. Q- league leaders Mushahid Hussain , Choudhries of Gujrat unanimously agreed with the NRO during Pervez Musharifs’ regime…but now they are skipping themselves from NRO…and like a tears of crocodile…..along with MQM leaders against NRO..
    3. Shareef brothers from First day they are enemy of Bhutto & Bhutto ism… even then singning Charter of Democracy they creating confusion & misundrestanding between Prime minster Ghelani & president Zardari from first day to till-date.. the best example of that is meeting of Choudhery Nisar & Shabaz shareef with General Kiyani for hidden dinner .
    3. The role of Non-sindhi Media specially GEO-tv and some abu-lahib and abu- jhel and copmany of Ibne-saba (MUNAFEQEEN) of this era : kamran ,Dr shahid masood, shheen sahbahi, ishaque Xafer, hamid Mir etc…… the real & best example of there talk shows and comments for Mr Zardari during Murder of Shaheed Rani Benazir Bhutto that MR zardari is the man who had unified the nation and save the Pakistan by this salogen KHAPEY KHAPEY PAKISTAN KHAPEY…..NOW YOU watch there talk show against Mr Zardari ….compare & decide yourself the shrewdness & Mockery of non -sindhi Media Personnels….

    4. what behaved establishment with the sindhi Prime Minsters in past like Shaheed Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto, Mr Junejo & shaheed Rani benazir Bhutto.. think about that..

    5. Is Nawaz shareef, shabaz, Altaf Hussain, Pervez Musharef , pervez Illahi and other Non sindhi Politicians are pious and wali ullah they didnt committ any corruption & misuse of powers….? only Zardari is crimnal & corrupt…. think about that….the reply is only & only that MR Zardari is only & only Sindhi… Punjabi Establishment & MQM cant bear/ accept by heart any Sindhi President in Aewan-e saddar.

    6. over all analysiss and political chemistry is that …this all happened with us because we are sindhi…

    hef taneen khe hoe waten jin wisaryo (shah Latif)

    May Allah give us guidance & right path for serving the nation.

    with regards,
    Abuzar jan

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