Regime Change… Who will be the main loser?

by: Zulfiqar Halepoto

Who will be the main loser, if present government is going to be dislodged? Off course majority of the progressive, secular and democracy loving people of the country. They don’t have choice. PPP is still a lesser evil choice for them. They are in dilemma. They are at the cross road. Conservative forces have lot of choices, JI, MMA and PMLN…extremist mindset. But progressive people have to have their choices and options too.

PPP has a habit to take people for granted. Today their lack of commitment, poor governance, corruption reaching the heights of Himalayan mountains, favoritism, nepotism, zero accountability, weak social services delivery to the poor people and crisis of credibility and leadership is not only a threat to present democratically elected government and PPP as a party but it is a great below to the progressive and secular people of Pakistan, who want to see Pakistan a true democratic state with strong institutions and rule of law and constitutionalism.

We hate military dictatorships and authoritarian rules by conservative forces but is there a chance for PPP to mind its business. Most of the leaders will run away from country and others will bargain with NAB and other agencies.

But the progressive values, democratic polity and we will be the ultimate losers. So we shall demand that let the people decide to change the government in coming elections. Let the voters to decide the fate of the regime. They are elected by the people…but are they ready to listen to the sentiments of the people.

The federal government’s lawyer Kamal Azfar on Monday stunned the Supreme Court bench hearing challenges to the controversial NRO by saying that he alluded to the American CIA and the GHQ (General Headquarters) when he cautioned in the petition he had filed last week about threats that could derail the democratic system in Pakistan.

‘You want me to say it more openly? The danger comes from the CIA and the GHQ,’ Mr Azfar responded after the 17-judge bench repeatedly asked him what apprehensions he had in mind about the democratic set-up. ‘Look what we have done to Pakistan which otherwise (was) destined to become an Asian tiger, but one prime minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was hanged while the other, Benazir Bhutto, was killed,’ Mr Azfar bemoaned…

Courtesy: e-lists, December 15, 2009

One thought on “Regime Change… Who will be the main loser?”

  1. I agreed with the view point of Mr Halepoto….It is a right time to struggle for the rights of Sindh & sindhi Nation by practically coordinate among the all parts of sindhi society and develope a pressure upon PPP government for constitutional rights , economic rights, social rights & fundamental rights of Sindh & sindhi nation….and express our unity through demonstration by words and action as we recognized during Sindhi Topi Day….
    with regards,

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