Opinion : Why not Sindh State in India if Telangana can be formed?

by: Deepak Keswani

If Central Government feels OK to create the new small states in India, then why not it create a new State named “Sindh State” in India.

Sindh State is being demanded since the India got independence from British empire. Sindhis living in India Lost their motherland in Partition.

If Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal, Jharkhand can be formed, why not Sindh. Why Government of India is behaving like Step Father to Sindhis.Recently Central Government decided to form Telangana State out of Andhra Pradesh. Everyone is trying to protect their cultural heritage and language. Whats wrong with Sindhis?

When tens of new states are being demanded in the name of Telangana, why not Sindhis say anything? Sindhis have made great contributions in Indian Business Development and plenty of NRIs keep adding foreign exchange of country at the cost of what? At the cost of loosing their own culture & language?

In absence of Sindhi state in India, our language at the verge of dying and new Sindhi generation hardly know any traditions & rituals. Indian government recognized Sindh in National Anthem representing the Sindhi culture and Sindhi people living in India. Does that raises a question mark? Is Indian government really doing something for protecting Sindhis’ culture, language and traditions?

Do you think you can do something for protecting our sweet language which very few are proud of speaking?

Read more – http://sindh-state-in-india.blogspot.com/

27 thoughts on “Opinion : Why not Sindh State in India if Telangana can be formed?”

  1. Unless and until we don’t own and command a media of our own which highlights our culture, heritage and language, our kids will not continue the sentiment which is still present in the second generations of the sindhi’s in India. We need to take a step to introduce or launch a tv channel, radio channel presenting the sindhi language and culture in a modern way, the new generation will not be attracted. If our children are not attracted to their culture and language, no one is going to come to the help us. First take a step and initiate a media , then reach out to every sindhi across the globe through this media. Govt does not care about Sindhi’s because our being in india does not affect votes or politics in India, the day our existence matters , our voices will be heard. Start now by having a media of your own, even if it hurts you pocket today, it will bring glory to your identity for you and your future generations….Think about it…..

  2. zbardast dost . i m proud to be sindhi. asaan khay fakhar aahay phangi bole tay. asaan khay fakhar to jhary sindhi tay. jetry taien towha jahara sindhi aahen aetry taien sindhi bole culture khatam na theendo.phangay cumminity khay advise kauo ta sindhi bole phanjy baaran khy sekharun.

  3. sabhn sindhiun khay azad sindh j laai koshish karan ghurje, indian sindh & pakistan ji sindh ji natural boundry bahaal karain je lai struggle karan ghurjey, united nations khe appeal karan ghurje,

    g.a. sindh
    g.a. sindhi bolee,
    g.a.sindhi awam. g.a.sindhi raag
    muhinjo pyaar sindh aa , hr keemat , sindh je pyaar lai qurban aa.
    sindhyo jaago sindh bachayo, sindhi bolee bachayo.

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