Life is a Challenge—Meet it.  Life is a Gift—Accept it. Life is an Adventure—Dare it. Life is Sorrow—Overcome it. Life is a Tragedy—Face it. Life is a Duty—Perform it. Life is a Game—Play it. Life is a Mystery—Unfold it. Life is a Song—Sing it. Life is an Opportunity—Take it. Life is a Journey—Complete it. Life is a Promise—Fulfill it. Life is Love—Enjoy it. Life is Beauty—Admire it. Life is a Spirit—Realize it. Life is a Struggle—Fight it. Life is a Puzzle—Solve it. Life is a Goal—Achieve it.

Diabetes-II: The Consequence of Obesity

Diabetes- 2 is one of many diseases linked to obesity. Cut sugar, wheat, rice and potato products and lose weight. Eat fresh green leafy vegetables and 8 to 10 glasses of clean fresh water and yogurt every day. It may help to slow Diabetes- II. For good health healthy lifestyle and diet is important. You can not buy your health by pills, you should earn it through healthy choices. From doctors you can only receive symptomatic relief for your conditions.