A military coup in Pakistan?

Restive generals represent the backers of the Taliban and al-Qaeda – bad news for the war next door.

by: Tarek Fatah

Courtesy:  Globe and Mail

A military coup is unfolding in Pakistan, but, this time, there is no rumbling of tanks on the streets of Islamabad. Instead, it seems the military is using a new strategy for regime change in Pakistan, one that will have adverse consequences for Western troops deployed in Afghanistan.

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Punjab Takes Away Revenues of Sindh – says NFC Action Committee Sindh


Population Tyranny of Punjab Takes Away Revenues of Sindh

Courtesy and Thanks: Daily Ibrat, Nov. 13, 2009

By Javed Qazi, Karachi, Sindh

Respected Sir,

We acknowledge to the fact that you, your family and the Party had struggled at a great length for the restoration of democracy in the country. Your sacrifices have bare fruit that today not only the democracy is restored but also judiciary is relatively independent. We categorically share with you the same principle that these are fundamentally the military dictatorships that have weakened the country and it is only the democratic process which not only strengthens the democracy but shall also make the country become stable and sovereign along with the democratic process. Having this common interest with you today we feel contented to discuss with you this fact as well that ours is the democracy which has federalism as its basic component.

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Punjab seeks lion’s share from so called federal pool of NFC, ..earned from resources of Sindh

The demand for new NFC

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean

Pakistani newspaper reported that ANP-led provincial government of NWFP will pursue a new NFC Award Formula based on multi-factors. Their proposed formula will give weight to “Population”, “Poverty”, “Infrastructure” and “Presence of Afghan refugees“. I would recommend that the NFC formula be enhanced to include “Revenue Collection” and “Presence of all refugees/migrants from other provinces and countries”. I believe that this enhanced formula would be fair to all provinces as it will not only meet unique requirements of each province but also help the poverty-stricken and backward areas to overcome these deficiencies.

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By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

It is the need of hour that in Sindh small industrial units may be established to get all the unemployed educated youngsters employed and provided them a loaf of bread and save them from the criminal thinking and actions because free mind is devil`s mind .All Sindhis living abroad should provide necessary guidance and financial assistance to their relatives in Sindh so that they can be source of living and earning income for their future generations .In this way the Sindh people can see the days of happiness and prosperity and also make their villages and towns transformed into civilized centers of development .This will also minimize the problem of over population shifted to big cities in search of livelihood .For this purpose Sindhis living in foreign countries should organize associations in the cities where they reside at the moment and collect necessary resources for setting small industrial units in sindh .They may also start campaign to compel the administration of Sindh province to save Sindh and Sindhi people from the crimes.