Eat according your blood type

Dr. Peter D Adamo claims in his book that “Eat Right for your Type” the blood type can determine the sort of your genetics, illnesses and diet. He teaches that type O blood (the Hunter) group are designed to eat meat but beans and wheat products are not good for them because wheat contain lectins and it makes them super alkaline and then makes them unable to be physically active and also type O blood people have tendency to low thyroid.

Type A blood (the Cultivators) group need to eat lots of vegetables, as they are biologically designed not to eat lots of meat because they have tendency to get heart disease, cancer and diabetes quickly.

Type B blood (the Nomads) group is designed to eat mix kind of diet. Vegetables, meat and dairy products. They are resistant to cancer and heart disease but have tendency to get immune system disorders diseases such as diabetes, lupus and multiple sclerosis.

Types AB blood need to mixed diet some meat and vegetables but chicken meat is not good for them. According to Dr. D Adamo, the Type A blood people are designed to eat meat but because they lack enough stomach acid to digest the meat therefore meat fat them quickly. As obesity is not good therefore, type AB blood group people require to eat meat with some limitations.