Opinion: Is it a new development OR an old fashioned move against govt…any role by establishment?

by: Saifullah Shaikh

News are emerging from Sindh that Sindhi Nationalist Parties (under leadership of Awami Tahreek) has decided in a meeting at QASIMABAD that they are willing to take part in General elections in greater benefit of Sindh/national rights because present PPP Govt: is not successful in achieving such rights!!??—-they are also of the opinion that if present Govt: would collapse than Prime-minister have option to announce mid-term elections!and they will participate in such election process?. Well as a student of politics, I have few Questions to ask about this kind of Nationalism.

1. At the end of AwamiTehreeks Long-march in Karachi, Why their leadership allowed pro-Musharaf anti-democratic/anti-Sindh elements like Tahreek i insaf and Jamaat i Islami to use their stage for speeches —– what was their purpose?

2. A lot of Sindhis would question the timings of such pro-active role of Sindhi nationalists When PPP is preparing a case for Sindh in terms of NFC AWARD and for Balouchis in terms of Balouchistan Package (as a new initiative for Balouch Rights). Keep in mind the on-going war, PPP is fighting with Taliban, and other forces in this regard. PPP is also facing Media Propaganda and attacks against Sindhi culture as well.

3.Could it be the same old tactics of Sindhi Nationalists which reminds us their opposition to MRD Movement during 1980’s!? or Can we consider this move (BY ESTABLISHMENT as their long-awaited planning) to dilute PPP majority in Sindh in order to benefit MQM and Nawaz-League and their Chauvanism in long-term fashion. I think these are legitimate Questions which need satisfactory explanation— other people may disagree on this analysis also.

Pakistan Must Snap Ties With Militants: Obama

Washington: The United States has offered Pakistan an expansion of military and economic cooperation but has insisted that Islamabad ends dalliance with militant groups for its policy ends in India and Afghanistan, the Washington Post reported on its website. Citing government officials speaking on condition of anonymity, the daily paper reported that James Jones, national security advisor to President Barak Obama, delivered the offer earlier in November to Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. The offer of stepped up relations would require an end to Paksitan’s use of insurgent groups toward its policy ends…The report comes on the eve of Obama’s speech Tuesday evening at the US Military Academy at West Point, New York…

Sindhi Topee day in Washington

by: Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

Several Washington Sindhis are meeting to observe the Sindhi Cultural Day called as ‘Sindhi Topi Day’ on Sunday (Dec. 6 – 1:00 PM) at the East West Grill restaurant in Arlington. All those who are interested in the protection and promotion of the Sindhi culture are welcome to join the meeting. The event is supported by the Forum for Justice and Democracy in Pakistan (FJDP) of Silverlining International and Sindhi Excellence Team (SET). The gathering will share Sindhi cultural experiences and stories about Sindhi literature, sites, and sounds. The gathering will also reaffirm the pledge to protect and promote Sindhi language and Sindhi culture.

Pakistan: Terrorist attack in Rawalpindi

by: Omar Ali

Yet another terrible attack in Rawalpindi. Unfortunately, the Pakistani state continues to be divided against itself and still has not achieved clarity about the war it is fighting.

The army armed and trained half a million terrorists. It encouraged an entire cultural shift towards Jihadism and extremism. It then lost control of the situation after 9-11. BUT instead of stepping back and saying we were wrong (not necessarily publicly, I am just speaking of saying it to themselves) and need to do many things now to fix the mess, they have always pursued a schizophrenic policy where they will abandon some of their former proxies and kill them, while keeping others for future use AND retain crucial parts of the previous paradigm of zero-sum competition with India, playing profitable games with America, retaining monopoly over most of Afghanistan and so on.

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I am The Boss, Says Gilani

Islamabad: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said he, and not President Asif Ali Zardari, is running the country. Zardari is under growing pressure to relinquish his sweeping powers that the premier is envisaged to have in the country’s original constitution. ” I should tell you that I am the chief executive and the chief executive is the head of the government,” Gilani said in an interview. …Media in recent weeks  have reported Gilani’s unease over Zardari’s constant interference in the day-to-day affairs of the government, mainly through some of the ministers that Gilani had to induct in his cabinet on the president’s instructions…