MQM to support Sindhi Topi Day

SINDH – Karachi: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement, an ally of the Pakistan People’s Party-led ruling coalition at the centre and in Sindh, announced its support to the call for observing Dec 6 as Sindhi Topi Day.

“Sindhi topi and ajrak have been symbols of the Sindhi culture and civilisation for thousands of years and all the people of Sindh have an emotional attachment with these cultural symbols,” said MQM chief Altaf Hussain in a statement from his London office.

He said the communities living in other provinces and areas of Pakistan have their culture and traditions and different languages, “therefore, nobody should raise objections to Sindhi Topi Day and all Pakistanis should respect other communities’ cultures.”

He urged that there must be no statement or speech that hurts the feelings of any ethnic group and that one should respect other cultures just like their own and refrain from attacks. He said MQM extends its full support to all the people of Sindh, including mothers, sisters, elders, the youth and children on Sindhi Topi Day. Sindh government’s PPP and its coalition partner, the Awami National Party, have already announced their support to Sindhi Top Day and the MQM has also joined in the celebrations for the cultural day of Sindh. irfan ali

Courtesy: Daily Times,\123\story_3-12-2009_pg12_10


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