MQM to support Sindhi Topi Day

SINDH – Karachi: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement, an ally of the Pakistan People’s Party-led ruling coalition at the centre and in Sindh, announced its support to the call for observing Dec 6 as Sindhi Topi Day.

“Sindhi topi and ajrak have been symbols of the Sindhi culture and civilisation for thousands of years and all the people of Sindh have an emotional attachment with these cultural symbols,” said MQM chief Altaf Hussain in a statement from his London office.

He said the communities living in other provinces and areas of Pakistan have their culture and traditions and different languages, “therefore, nobody should raise objections to Sindhi Topi Day and all Pakistanis should respect other communities’ cultures.”

He urged that there must be no statement or speech that hurts the feelings of any ethnic group and that one should respect other cultures just like their own and refrain from attacks. He said MQM extends its full support to all the people of Sindh, including mothers, sisters, elders, the youth and children on Sindhi Topi Day. Sindh government’s PPP and its coalition partner, the Awami National Party, have already announced their support to Sindhi Top Day and the MQM has also joined in the celebrations for the cultural day of Sindh. irfan ali

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Obama’s speech!

by: Omar Ali

..I think it was a very good speech. The “withdrawal date” is a joke, but I dont think it will have any serious impact on affairs on the ground. IF the US/NATO forces are seen to be taking the initiative and going after the Taliban and have a plan for all aspects of the problem, people will see that and react accordingly. If they seem to be just treading water, people will see that too and react accordingly. If a deal is being made to allow Pakistan to reinsert its proxies into Afghanistan in exchange for an orderly withdrawal, we will see evidence soon enough. If no deal has been made and Pakistan is pressured to drop its proxies and help NATO pummel them before 2011, people will see that too. There is only so much you can do with PR, the rest is actual work (and kinetics?)

The salafist/jihadist insurgency will continue and nation states will have to fight against it because it is not compatible with the existing international system. Some states will take a while to figure this out. If this works, Pakistan will have chosen to dump these people and will be getting help in its fight. If this does not work, the US will suffer a setback, but will be able to cut its losses and move on, but Pakistan will be at the center of a much bigger mess than what exists now and will have to figure things out after dragging its people through unnecessarily bitter experiences. But what the hell, that wont be the first time history takes the roundabout way…

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Pakistan: Civil-military relations- by Dr. Manzur Ejaz

by Dr. Manzur Ejaz

WASHINGTON DIARY: Civil-military relations

Courtesy: WICHAAR, December 2nd, 2009

Similarly, Zardari should have undone the 17th Amendment and transferred powers to the prime minister, who is elected by parliament. If he had done that, at least he could have the moral authority to effectively safeguard the elected government’s sovereignty

Every Eid many Pakistani newspapers reveal where the Army chief offered his prayers. Sometimes, the Corps Commanders get this publicity as well. I started looking for similar information about the US army chief, i.e. where he went for Christmas Mass. However, I could not find any mention of an army boss going for Christmas Mass in any newspaper. Thinking it may be an unfair comparison, I searched European, Indian and other newspapers and found that no one mentioned where military chiefs went for their religious services. Then why is General Kayani or his predecessors’ venue of Eid prayers newsworthy?

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The Afghan-Pakistan Solution

An exit strategy must be predicated on achieving military and political goals, not dictated by time limits.


Courtesy: WSJ

My recent trip to the United States has been an enriching experience, during which I had a very healthy discourse with the American public and an opportunity to understand their concerns about the war in Afghanistan. One question I was asked almost everywhere I went was, “How can we stop losing?”

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