Attack on Kamran Shafi

Aziz Narejo

by: Aziz Narejo, TX

Attack on Kamran Shafi, a writer, political analyst and anchor person must be strongly condemned. This is an act of intimidation to silence a voice not in conformity with the self-appointed masters of the country. It also shows how difficult it is to express one’s views in Pakistan. Engaging in politics is even more dangerous.

I admire the courage of Kamran Shafi for speaking his mind without any fear or favor. We must express our solidarity with him and all others who are working in difficult conditions for democracy and rule of law in the country.


In it, up to our necks

By Kamran Shafi

Tuesday, 01 Dec, 2009

…… On the night of Nov 27-28, 2009, my house in Wah, where my wife and daughter and I had come to celebrate Eidul Azha, was fired upon six times by a high velocity firearm, probably a Kalashnikov (on single shot mode) judging from the half-inch deep and two-inch across holes in the concrete wall of the bedroom above ours, possibly a Takharov 30 MM pistol, popularly known as ‘TT Pistol’ in the Land of the Pure.

There was no sound of a motor vehicle driving away, suggesting professional hit-men who had probably parked their vehicle a way away towards the main GT Road and then calmly walked to it after doing their deed.

There were no empties found at the site giving further credence to the above theory — the assailants had taken care to catch the bullet casings before they fell to the ground, for you do not start looking for empties in the dead of night for fear of getting caught in the act.

One of the ways that we used in the army during firing practice in my day was to hold a beret over the ejection port. We had to account for every round fired which I am sure is the case even now.

There is more: at exactly 17:33 on Nov 28, 2009, I received a telephone call from a woman speaking in uneducated Urdu and using a mobile phone (0300-274-9185) . She asked if I was Kamran Shafi. When I said I was, she said that what had happened to me last night was just the ‘trailer’ and that the complete movie would also be shown.

When I asked why any of this should happen, she said, ‘One does not spit in the plate one eats from’, and that if I was not careful about what I write I would soon see the complete movie. I am a pensioner of the Pakistan Army, getting the princely sum of Rs1,200 a month, by the way. FIR No 827 has been registered at the Wah Cantonment PS in which I have in an additional application said that I suspect an ‘agency’ of doing the deed.

I must end by saluting Mian Nawaz Sharif and President Asif Ali Zardari for telephoning me inside of 15 and 17 minutes of my sending messages to their staff respectively, about what had happened. And the Punjab government for providing me and my family the best security it can. This is exactly why I stand on the side of elected leaders and against any further interference in our country’s politics by the men on donkey-back.

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2 thoughts on “Attack on Kamran Shafi”

  1. ISI is the security backbone of Pakistan. Our adversaries and their secret agencies have planted their people in Pakistan’s media, political parties and other critical fields where they could make the most difference and serve their patrons well. I have no sympathy for those rips into Pakistan Army and ISI while shamelessly oblivious of hordes of dishonest, filthy, illiterate, callous, immoral and corrupt politicians. In every freakin crisis ever arose during the past 63 years our armed forces have always been on the forefront whereas these filthy politicians never let a chance go by even in deepest of crisis to serve themselves. When we as a nation will understand these are the politicians that have got us into the mess that we are in TODAY.

    An ordinary civilian of Pakistan

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