No one else but people of Sindh will chose

With no freedom to chose within Pakistan, people of Sindh will chose freedom…

Iqbal Tareen, Washington, DC

People of Sindh clearly see a Noora Kushty in conflict between PML (N) and MQM. Politically naive people couldn’t get the drift of MQM at all. MQM excels in “Use and lose” game. In my book “Harvest will come” I had predicted that MQM will stab PPP in the back because Nawaz Sharrif and MQM have common family tree going all the way to Zia-ul-Haq. Combined with all other rightist parties this is another IJI, which is once again engaged against a party that was not manufactured in GHQ. Many so-called “progressive and people friendly activists” have been taken for a ride.

Although many rightist organizations used PPP’s reconciliation with MQM as a pretext to demean PPP but their real motive was an overthrow of a representative democracy to replace it with GHQ preferred and hand-picked gang of a few. Now that Nawaz Sharif and other pro-Uma parties are ready to baptize Altaf Hussain, the MQM will overnight turn from a Haraam party to a Halaal party.

The dating game between MQM and Muslim (N) actually started when Javed Hashmi came up with his weird idea of 12 provinces. Through him PML (N) actually extended an olive branch to MQM. The idea of 12 provinces and PPP-hate has placed all the bad eggs in one basket.

NRO and corruption issues are nothing less than a stunt pulled by these parties combined together. Nawaz Sharrif lived in Medina Sharrif for almost 8 years under the selective blessings of NRO midwife by the Saudis and granted by Musharraf.

Altaf Hussein and his party leaders including present governor of Sindh live cot free under amnesty from murder and felony cases granted to them by Musharraf government and his kangaroo courts.

As far as corruption and crime is concerned, it is embedded in Pakistani society from top to the bottom and sideways. From judiciary to Pakistani military brass, bureaucracy, politicians, Ulema, business leaders, and civil society members, and educators all are deep into corruption and favoritism.

None of the opposing political and religious parties are free from corruption and crime. Pakistani establishment thrives on systemic corruption and power abuse. Absolute majority of civil and military officers live imperial lives beyond their means. Many are directly and indirectly beneficiaries of drug business in Pakistan and have their hands stained with blood for assassinations and murders of innocent civilians and their political rivals. It is beyond me to see bunch of unscrupulous people preaching scruples.

The menace of corruption should be dealt with by a fair and open judicial process. You don’t overthrow a mandate because some of the members of ruling party are also corrupt.

To the people of small provinces the current hate movement is all about zero tolerance of their representative government by bunch of pro-establishment hate-driven parties, which are bent upon creating environment leading to an overthrow of a democratically elected government in Pakistan.

Baloch people have already lost faith in provincial autonomy or even talk about 1940 Resolution. They are clearly demanding freedom for Balochistan. People of Sindh are also pondering if Pakistan is a viable arrangement for the recourse of their decades old grievances. It is an overwhelming perception of people of Sindh that none of the small province based leadership is ever acceptable to Punjab-Muhajir dominated body of politics in Pakistan, which constitutes a core of Pakistani Establishment.

Many Sindhi and Baloch leaders and parties have worked on the premises that “Whenever Sindhis and Baloch participate in national politics, the Sindh and Baloch rights will are compromised” According to them thus “It is a futile exercise to waste any effort into a lost cause”

They raise a question that if moderate and pro-Pakistan Sindhi and Baloch leaders like ZA Bhutto, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, Ghous Bux Bezenjo, Wali Khan, and Akbbar Bugti were not acceptable to Pakistani establishment, how can any Sindh or Balochistan rights party or leaders can find a sympathetic ear in the present setup.

A singled out onslaught on Asif Zardari is also perceived as a zero tolerance for a Sindhi leader in Pakistani national politics. PML (N), PML (Q), MQM, and all religious parties are united in bringing one man down. Entire media has issued a eulogy on Zardari’s government already.

Just a friendly warning if you bring down a strong proponent of “Pakistan Khappay”, you will be hard-pressed to find any soul in Sindh calling Pakistan Khappay again. A domino’s effect in already in action grabbing Muslim world into its grip. Pakistan falling into the hands of pro-Taliban and spineless political forces will trigger downing of various South Asian Muslim states. The fall of representative democracy will give rise to total Talibanization in Pakistan.

Any overthrow of their elected representatives will force people of Sindh to vote with their feet. They will simply walk away from Pakistan. Sindh is nation of Latif, Sachal, Sami, and Lal Qalandar. People of Sindh are not in the business of hate and violence. But they will not allow spin doctors to undo their mandate.

People of Sindh have no part of establishment on its side. Sindhis have only ballot power to leverage. Majority of Sindhis believe that given peaceful and fair elections they hope to witness vanishing of politics of corruption, incompetence, and power abuse within a decade or two. If their mandate is stolen and their power of ballot is diminished Sindhi people will lose their right to choose.

With no freedom to choose within Pakistan, people of Sindh will likely choose their freedom without Pakistan.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups, November 26, 2009

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