No one else but people of Sindh will chose

With no freedom to chose within Pakistan, people of Sindh will chose freedom…

Iqbal Tareen, Washington, DC

People of Sindh clearly see a Noora Kushty in conflict between PML (N) and MQM. Politically naive people couldn’t get the drift of MQM at all. MQM excels in “Use and lose” game. In my book “Harvest will come” I had predicted that MQM will stab PPP in the back because Nawaz Sharrif and MQM have common family tree going all the way to Zia-ul-Haq. Combined with all other rightist parties this is another IJI, which is once again engaged against a party that was not manufactured in GHQ. Many so-called “progressive and people friendly activists” have been taken for a ride.

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MQM’s strange logic: Killing is lesser sin than corruption!

by: K. Ashraf

That is the impression MQM leadership is trying to give that the killing people is lesser crime than corruption. MQM has created a territory for itself. Govt. auditors cannot audit Karachi and Hyderabad city governments.

One of the conditions agreed upon MQM and PPP to become coalition partners was to leave Karachi and Hyderabad’s finances unaudited. It is not only MQM and PPP, basically Pakistan’s total ruling elite has become addicted to corruption. They cannot survive without it. They don’t give a damn if Pakistan survives or not.

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PML-N and MQM alliance returning to Zia’s roots

LINGUISTICS AND NEW PROVINCES – PML-N and MQM alliance returning to Zia’s roots

by: Iqbal Tareen

Javed Hashmi is either desperately fishing to carve a new political platform where he can clearly distinguish himself or PML-N has thrown a bombshell to shakeup PPP-ANP-MQM ruling coalition in center and in the province of Sindh. Dividing Punjab in multiple parts will not dilute its effective power unless Pakistan army is transformed into a true national army from its current regional structure and characterstics. For all practical purposes Pakistan army is the only political party, which has been in power since the birth of the country. The windfall benefits of Army rule always flow to Punjab.

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Consul General USA visits Sindh University

HYDERABAD, Nov 24 (APP):The Consul General of the United States at Karachi Mr. Stephen G. Fakan has said that Pakistan is a strong country and its youth should work hard to bring it among the developed countries of the world. He said this during a visit to Univesity of Sindh on Monday. Vice Chanceller University of Sindh Mazhar-ul-Haq Siddiqui briefed the visiting Consul General about the academic and research programmes offered by the university.

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