Martyr of Balochistan, Shaheed Balaachi Marri

by Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

Balochs are our blood brothers – as a Sindhi, I have a special kinship with Balochs, I consider myself related to them and throughout centuries of living together and loving and respecting each other we have become entwined and inseparable.

If a bullet of the tyrants penetrates and runs through the heart of any Baloch, I feel the pain, extreme pain, hurt, distress, anguish and deep grief and sorrow. I have been living with that deep wound, that painful hurt, since this brother of mine, the valiant, illustrious son of Baloch nation, Balaach Marri Saaeen was Martyred.

Certainly, we Sindhis everywhere – in Mother Sindh and in Diaspora – mourn his passing away and it will be my honour to attend the service in memory of this beautiful son of beautiful land, Balochistan, in London on Sunday, 22nd November, 2009 along with my sister Suraiya Makhdoom, who will be representing World Sindhi Congress.

Onward Balochistan, forward Balochistan, march on Balochistan – we are with you right till the end! Long Live Balochistan! Long Live Sindh! Long Live entire world!

3 thoughts on “Martyr of Balochistan, Shaheed Balaachi Marri”

  1. i m a student from nwfp and i dont have words to say for BALACH i can simply say BALACH KHAN WAS GREAT ! i slute him

  2. Mir Balach Murree has proved himself a real hero of Baloach Nation. Real tribute to him should be in the shape of struggle in the manner he has sacrified his life.
    I think Baloach youth must follow his foot prints.
    My full support is with Baloach Nation.
    S.G. Panhwar
    Dubai, UAE

  3. Thanks sir, for paying such a glorious tribute to hero of Baluch Nation” Shaheed Mir Balach mari” Sindhis and Baluch have deep-rotted historically connections. Mir Shaib was also an inspiration for sindhi youths.

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