Vilayati Ghot Je Golha

The story revolves around a young girl, Silly. She is bold, witty, and snobbish. Silly has come to India with her mother, Meena in search of a bridegroom. The pre requisite for the groom is that he must be foreign based. This light comegy telefilm deals with her search with all twists & turns with interesting outcome.

Sponsor: Al Faraa Group of Companies, UAE, Director: Kamal Nathani

Producer: Asha Chand

Khanam Googoosh

Khonom Googoosh not only a QUEEN OF HEARTS of Iranians but all those souls who love music.  The poem and lyric is probably written by an Afghan singer Ustad Zaland as a gift for Googoosh.The ban imposed on her by conservative government of Iran. Googoosh left the country in 2000.

Translation of song – I have come, wow, wow, I have come, LOVE shouts, I have come; I have come to fund Coquetry, Love shouts woow, I have come; My Sweetheart, I wish you live for one century, sit beside me and become my neighborhood; Become my neighborhood to shade on me, maybe Joining you is my Destiny; I have come, wow, wow, I have come, LOVE shouts, I have come woow; Love came and lodged in my Heart Desert, Manacle my heart with Loyalty; If Love do not Redress my heart, woe, my heart, woe, my heart, woe;