Vilayati Ghot Je Golha

The story revolves around a young girl, Silly. She is bold, witty, and snobbish. Silly has come to India with her mother, Meena in search of a bridegroom. The pre requisite for the groom is that he must be foreign based. This light comegy telefilm deals with her search with all twists & turns with interesting outcome.

Sponsor: Al Faraa Group of Companies, UAE, Director: Kamal Nathani

Producer: Asha Chand

In The Service of Historical Falsification

A Review of Robert Service’s Trotsky: A Biography

By David North

Trotsky: A Biography

Robert Service,

Harvard University Press,

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2009

The Specter of Leon Trotsky

Courtesy:, via Globeistan

In 1955 James Burnham, the intellectual godfather of modern American neo-conservatism, reviewed The Prophet Armed, the first volume of Isaac Deutscher’s monumental biography of Leon [Lev Davidovich] Trotsky. Fifteen years had passed since Burnham had resigned from the Fourth International at the climax of a political struggle in which he had crossed polemical swords with Leon Trotsky. It had been a difficult experience for Burnham, who felt somewhat overmatched in this political and literary contest. “I must stop awhile in wonder,” Burnham had written in a document addressed to Trotsky, “at the technical perfection of the verbal structure you have created, the dynamic sweep of your rhetoric, the burning expression of your unconquerable devotion to the socialist ideal, the sudden, witty, flashing metaphors that sparkle through your pages.”

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Martyr of Balochistan, Shaheed Balaachi Marri

by Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

Balochs are our blood brothers – as a Sindhi, I have a special kinship with Balochs, I consider myself related to them and throughout centuries of living together and loving and respecting each other we have become entwined and inseparable.

If a bullet of the tyrants penetrates and runs through the heart of any Baloch, I feel the pain, extreme pain, hurt, distress, anguish and deep grief and sorrow. I have been living with that deep wound, that painful hurt, since this brother of mine, the valiant, illustrious son of Baloch nation, Balaach Marri Saaeen was Martyred.

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Khanam Googoosh

Khonom Googoosh not only a QUEEN OF HEARTS of Iranians but all those souls who love music.  The poem and lyric is probably written by an Afghan singer Ustad Zaland as a gift for Googoosh.The ban imposed on her by conservative government of Iran. Googoosh left the country in 2000.

Translation of song – I have come, wow, wow, I have come, LOVE shouts, I have come; I have come to fund Coquetry, Love shouts woow, I have come; My Sweetheart, I wish you live for one century, sit beside me and become my neighborhood; Become my neighborhood to shade on me, maybe Joining you is my Destiny; I have come, wow, wow, I have come, LOVE shouts, I have come woow; Love came and lodged in my Heart Desert, Manacle my heart with Loyalty; If Love do not Redress my heart, woe, my heart, woe, my heart, woe;



by Iqbal Tareen

I am not 100% clear how it was created but we know it was not created within a moment’s notice. Unless a moment was equal to trillions of earth years.

I will pass on any temptation to issue a decisive judgment though. If it was so obvious to everyone who created the universe, we will not have this discussion at all. We will all be in a total agreement. We don’t find lots of people disagreeing on the fact that fire burns. It seems whatever the theories are postulated they can’t stand the test of time. Each new generation seems to be smarter than the previous one. Yesterday’s advanced philosophies are just a common sense today.

The battle between mind and matter will probably continue forever. Both schools of thought share a common premise “God/matter” neither can be created nor can it be destroyed. It only changes its format. Ask a

Sufi, he/she will tell you “God” can be found even in the dead leaves.

Those who believe in matter they can experimentally prove their theory that can be witnessed and testified by anyone. Whereas those who believe in supremacy of God/soul will equally assert that they can see and feel God and they talk to him/her.

Faith is equally hard to refute because it does not require any proof and does not rely on test of reason.

We all agree (I hope) that we even don’t know what should be the ultimate definition or confines of “Universe”. The scope and vastness of universe changes every day if not every moment. It is actually so mind boggling that we have not been able to scratch the surface of it.

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