Meera she is!

by Shazia Habib

Meera is one of the biggest film stars in Pakistan. How did she become so big is the question. Sure, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and beauty is always a plus.  But that is not all. Not only she is an actress, she is a true celebrity! She knows how to do it.

She is in the media all the time, be it totally denying a marriage that she does not want anymore, or a kissing scene in an indian movie that Pakistani standards do not allow her to do, or getting caught on Camera rehearsing for her show, she is always in the news.

I call it rehearsing. There is a video on the net of meera in which she is repeating few sentences in English over and over again, before the taping of her show. She is trying to memorize her lines, like anyone else who has a show would do.

The problem is that while in the process of memorizing her lines, she speaks English wrong. She says sentences in which the correct order of the words is not kept. In every language, words make sentences. But words have to be in a certain order to make sense.

For example, I say, ” I want to go out”. If I said, “Out go to want I”, it would not be correct.

But language is a skill. Like any other skill. We start learning a language as soon as we are born. We learn few words each year. Then we learn to make sentences and gradually over the period of several years, we increase our vocabulary, depending how serious we are in learning that particular language.

Meera only knew Punjabi when she started as an actress. Most of all, she was not able to answer any questions properly in urdu or in punjabi. Knowing a language does not necessarily mean that you would have an intelligent answer as well.

But Meera in deed is a very intelligent woman. Let me explain how.

IQ and the capability of your mind to grab things is like a glass. A glass or mind is given by God or genes that you get from your parents. No one can make their glass bigger.

But there are empty glasses and then their are full glasses. Knowledge is the water that you put in your glass.

Meera’s glass, though pretty big, was empty when she joined the film industry. Although she says that she went to school and perhaps college but she did not.

But that amazing woman, when given the opportunity, was able to grab that opportunity and was able to use it.

She is almost my age. I was a teenager when she started acting and so was she. Over the years as I have grown to become somebody, so has she. She is more famous and I am more educated.

Ok, fine, she is a lot lot more famous.

She is the mega star who makes her own decisions. Who deals with men. Who falls in love and marry and then she falls out of love and wants out of that marriage.

All smart decisions made by a smart woman. All real mistakes made by a real woman who has a say in her life.

Since my article today is actually about not meera but is about this incident, I would come back to my subject. Meera speaking English wrong does not make her an idiot, lesser, foolish, disgusting, ugly and worthy of being made fun of . Not at all. And this is what people have been doing all over the internet.

Since her video (of speaking English wrong) came out, everyone who sees the video feels that it is necessary for them to make fun of her. So they write insulting comments under her video, mostly in wrong English.

These are all kinds of people. Some themselves do not speak and write English well and some do. But even that is not my point.

When I saw the video, I saw a young and very beautiful woman who was from a lower middle class and has made a whole life for herself. She is smart enough to know that she has to memorize the lines correctly before she could say those on TV. She also realizes that English is not her first language and she never had an opportunity to learn English well by going to a school and she is making mistakes. At one point, just like any smart person, she is able to recognize her shortcoming and says, “do not make me speak English. They will make fun of me, I can not memorize all this”.

Then she also says, “give me the paper. I will read from it. I am having difficulty memorizing it.” All this shows a very bright human being who happens to not only know her weakness but also acknowledges her weakness. This is a quality that we miss as a nation!

Her self confidence in the video is simply stunning. She is sitting in front of a guy, Tipu, a Paksitani model who apparently speaks English well, she asks him several times for correction.

Tipu, on the other hand, acted like a partial jerk. In stead of getting up and helping her with few of the mistakes she is making, he sits there expressionless. I know many who watched that video admired him for not laughing his head off. If he had laughed, he would be an A- hole and an idiot.

Now, he is simply a jerk with no empathy and passion in his heart.

I have recently realized that I have lost the capability of making fun of people. That is right. I do not know what changed me but I am incapable of making fun of anyone and anybody.

Sure I fight. I fight, yell, scream and even call names but I do not make fun. I see it as a good thing. To me, anyone who makes fun of others is a loser.

It is not that I do not make fun to look good, I just lost the ability to make fun and look down on people. I think America did this to me. Nobody and nothing is inferior to me. No one is lesser.

I do not understand what was disgusting in Meera’s video. Why people found it so worthy of made fun of?

How is she supposed to speak a language that she did not have an opportunity to learn? Sure, we can make an argument that like any smart person, she should have leant it by now since she has to speak English so frequently.

But then, let us not forget to look in the mirrors ourselves. How many things in life each of us has mastered that we should have mastered?

If she had spoked Chinese wrong, no one will make fun of her since it is only the English language we are obsessed with as a nation. And not only us, whole world is.

Not being able to speak and write good English is considered a big deficiency that people try to hide. Not being able to speak good English makes them feel inferior.

Some say that it is the inferiority complex given by British rule. I personally think that it is due to the fact that people who are able to speak good English are usually those people who are able to attend expensive English medium schools, they are richer, it is class complex.

And of course if you are more educated, then you speak good English well as well.

So, superior wealth and higher level of education that is indirectly related to good English speaking, creates this superiority or inferiority complex in people.

Coming back to making fun. So, I am not capable to make fun of anyone who did not learn English. It is just that. They did not learn English. Like I did not learn a lot of things.

I can not swim, ride horses and I can not play any musical instruments and of course, there is a lot of English that I still need to learn.

Making fun of others is the best we do as a nation!

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