Meera she is!

by Shazia Habib

Meera is one of the biggest film stars in Pakistan. How did she become so big is the question. Sure, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and beauty is always a plus.  But that is not all. Not only she is an actress, she is a true celebrity! She knows how to do it.

She is in the media all the time, be it totally denying a marriage that she does not want anymore, or a kissing scene in an indian movie that Pakistani standards do not allow her to do, or getting caught on Camera rehearsing for her show, she is always in the news.

I call it rehearsing. There is a video on the net of meera in which she is repeating few sentences in English over and over again, before the taping of her show. She is trying to memorize her lines, like anyone else who has a show would do.

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Sindh Ja Qudrati waseela – Sindh je hawaley kario

By: Raja Jee

Rasool Bux Palijo’s Quomi Awami Long March is on its way to Karachi and will reach at Ghaghar Phattak, the outskirt of Karachi on 18th November and will march four days in Karachi. On 22 November as its last 46th day it will be turned in Grand Peaceful Public Gathering from Mazar-e-Quid to Press Club Karachi, Sindh.

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Power struggle threatens Pakistan’s leader

Zardari attempting to fend off maneuvers by military, intelligence

[(Extract from the article)…The prospect of a military takeover — long an option in Pakistan — is overblown, say officials in both the government and the military. Kayani is indeed ambitious but he understands the consequences of a military takeover, particularly with regard to continued U.S. military aid, said one official…On the other side, Pakistani officials say Zardari understands the very real and dire consequences of firing Kayani]

By Robert Windrem, Senior investigative producer

Courtesy: NBC News, Mon., Nov . 16, 2009

Pakistan’s civilian and military leaders are tangling in a series of political confrontations that could lead to a constitutional crisis or worse after the New Year, officials in both Islamabad and Washington tell NBC News.

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