Properties of Altaf Hussain in UK

Courtesy: The Asia Journal &

by Roger Harding for The Asian Journal

For years the founder of leader of Pakistan’s Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has spoken about financial misappropriation and irregularities of the country’s feudal and industrial rulers through alleged or real misuse of power.

But British Land Registry records now revealed that Altaf Hussain, the charismatic middle class leader of Pakistan’s third largest political party could not curb the temptation of acquiring a series of expensive and middle class properties in the British capital – one of the most expensive cities in the world. [To view MQM Chief, Altaf Hussain’s properties in UK, click here or click the following link]

15 thoughts on “Properties of Altaf Hussain in UK”

  1. Kuch Logical Baten About Altaf Hussain…

    Yeh Bat Ek Ghairmehfooz Aur Suni Sunai Bat Hai K Altaf hussain Deal Kar K London Main Hain Ya NAhi..
    Zara is Par Sun Len..

    Mere Pass Kuch Newspaper Hain Jiss MAin 1991 Main Altaf Hussain ne Kaha Tha K MQM Par Operation HOney Wala Hai.. Chalen Wo Thek Sabit Howa Aur Operation Bhi Hogya..
    Magar Yeh Samjh MAin Nahi Aaya K 1991 Main Plan Bana Aur Altaf Hussain Ko Army Policy Ka Pta Bhi Chal Gaya To Janab Yeh Kaise Ho Gaya K 1992 MAin Altaf Hussain Ko Karachi se London Kaise Jane De Diya..
    yeh Kuch Ajeeb Bat Hojaye gi K Hamari Army Alqaida k khilaf Operation Ka Plan Tayyar Kare Aur Osama Bin Ladin Ko Bin Kisi Rukawat K Apnay Hi Airport se Apne hi Security Forces K Checking k Bad Usssay Jane De diya Jaye..
    Darasal Yeh Misaal Altaf hussain k liye Tha k 1991 Ko Operation sirf MQM K Khilaf Nahi Tha Altaf Hussain and us ki Puri Qayadat Samet MQM K Khilaf Tha To Janab Puri Ki puri Qayadat MQM Ki London Main Kaise Beth Gai??? Aap Dekhen In k Jo Sare Rehnuma Hain Wo Sare zinda hain Magar Jo Aaam Karkun Thay Un K Khilaf Operation hogaya..

    ???? Hai Jawab to de Diya jaye.. aur haan altaf hussain k 1991 k operation ka inkishaaf karna youtube par bhi hai,,,, agar kisi ko koi shak hai to apni ID de de main us ko wo saboot send kar dunga..


  2. And Altaf Hussain Raam Mandir Ja Sakta Hai So Please Umraah Bhi Kar Lo.
    Altaf hussain ko Kia Kabhi Kisi Ne T.v Par Eid Ya Jummay Ya Is K ilawah Namaz Parhte Dekha Hai Kisi Ne ?

    Mirpur Khass K Qareeb Ek … And Saray Kay Saray MQM Main Hain.
    Nashtar Park MAin Blast Howa To MQM Ki Govt Ne Investigation Team Ko Investigate Karne Nahi diya Aur Nawabshah Main Ek … Wahan MQM ne Govt se Resign Hone Ki Dhamki De Di..
    Altaf Hussain Pakistanism Ko Nahi Bal K …..

  3. I really feel sorry for your weak memory, if you had done a little work and had read the comments and replies thereon from the beginning you would not commit this blunder!

    – Kindly provide the evidence of your claim that MQM had forged that picutre!
    – Kindly prove it logically that the 3rd biggest political party of Pakistan needs such type of minor forging to win any Election!
    – Kindly prove logically if MQM had forged the picture to show the huge public attending the rally and as per your claim the strength was not that much then how MQM have won there?

    Please bring some maturity in your analysis!


  4. @…Faisalabadi,

    Dear, The Biggest Prove of Jamat-e-Ghair.Islami’s Munafiqat is their crying at President Musharraf and his Uniform while they were the biggest allies of Zia-ul-Haq and his Marshall Law!!!

    Another Slap and Proof of JI’s Munafiqat and Crimes is they were the main beneficiaries of U.S. Led Afghan War, they earned huge salaries, commission, arms and ammunition, scholarships in U.S. for their children, but when U.S. stopped all these, they are opposing their Old Masters (U.S.) and they have opted the way of terrorism for this (please go through the newspapers and media news wherein it was exposed several times that there are Jamati People involved in Suicide Bomb Blasts).

    Another big proof of JI’s crimes; as per some Ex-Army Officials Confession they had given Bribe to Nawaz Shareef and Other Leaders of PMLN and Qazi Hussain of JI and Fazal-ur-Rehman of JUI to destabilize a Politically Elected Government!!!

    Other proofs include JI amd Jamiati terrorists attacks on different student organizations in Karachi and Lahore (some examples are, attacks on Pakhtoon Students in Karachi, attacks on APMSO students in Karachi, attacks on Imran Khan and PTI students in Lahore);

    Earlier it was not other then Jamat-e-Ghair Islami who used to supply Man Power to Haqiqi Terrorists in Karachi from 1992 till 1999. Now-a-days JI is supply its field force to ANP and some other parties to destabilize the peace of Karachi and and Recruiting its workers from across the country as Taliban to fight with Pak Army!!!

    Dear, these information is taken from Newspapers and Media Reports!!!


  5. It is urged to you to please update your information as the Bubble of This propaganda has also burst, the original picture is already circulating on Facebook showing the huge crowd, while the forged picture which was published in any Newspaper is not proved to be forged by MQM tilldate!!!

    It is another slap on MQM Critics that if the picture was forged then how MQM won the the votes? Seat in GBLA? and Hearts of GB People??? These realities are atleast not forged….

    Dear Think Logically and Unbiasedly.


    1. I suspect the website belongs to any of PTI and Lord Nazeer sympathizer, now-a-days they both are trying to MAKE any news against MQM or Altaf Hussain.

      I wish people would bring something NEW against MQM as all these tricks and methods are quite old and out of fashion now.

      Even a dumb person can see the Wide Spreading Vision of MQM and Altaf Hussain; who is going to believe these rumors?

      Alas!!! our Nation would invest its precious time in some productive work rather to Waste it like this!!!

  6. A News or Information is true only then, when it is supported by the proofs and evidences and fulfill the logical requirements, otherwise such a news is called a rumor!

    The history of Pakistan is full of such Rumors against Rivals Specially when it comes to Karachi and MQM.

    The Political rivals who themselves are guilty of Corruption, Crimes, Killings, Mafiaism, Terrorism and Treason always speak against MQM and charge it with the same allegations though neither proved nor presented in any Media or Court, hence does not fulfill the requirements to be a News, rather proves to be allegations only.

    It has been 3 decades now, the Political Mafia, Transport Mafia, Drugs Mafia, Bureaucracy, Corrupt Army Officials, Agencies almost all the Black Sheeps of the Society are united against the Only Voice of Poor and Middle Class of Pakistan, i.e. MQM!!!

    Like all other allegations the author of this “Fiction” claiming the baseless allegation against Leader of MQM Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain forget or neglected to provide the proofs of his claim!

    I wish people could be claver enough to take care of these technical blunders while netting such conspiracies.

    I also would like to invite those friends who are putting allegations on MQM of different crimes in Karachi, that they should be mature now, and start thinking logically.

    I want to remind them that it is not 18th Century, it is 21st Century, when even children are trained to think logically. Would they bring any logic supporting their claims that MQM is a mafia in Karachi?

    I would like to invite them to please see the popularity of MQM not only in Karachi but also in Internal Sindh, Azad Kashmir and now in Gilgit Biltistan. Aren’t these people making fool themselves??? Is it possible the a party of some people can hijeck such a big population of 20 Million inhabitants? Lollzz….

    When you claim something you are responsible to prove it:

    Now please bring the documentary evidence of the ownership of these properties;

    Please bring the proofs of the crimes (alleged by you) by MQM in Karachi;


    1. plz bring the evidances of the crimes of JI, MQM’s counterpart terrorists.Shameful to see altaf hussain weeping for the opening of Pandora’s box called NRO.

  7. It has been almost 3 decades now and since very first day of inception of MQM people are spreading propaganda against it.

    I don’t want to blame those people who are illiterate, but i wonder on the educated people how they either spread baseless and illogical news and how some other educated people believe on the same news.

    I see this as illogical as Pakistan’s Third Biggest Party MQM it self forge a rally picture when everyone can watch the rally video clips on youtube or on National and International Chennels.

    I would suggest those friends before spreading such rumors just think logically if this rumor would survive or would die itself in a couple of days.

    I would like to invite the educated people to think logically if MQM really forged the picture though there are videos clips for the same rally is available on or someone else has tried to malign the image of MQM.

    Please keep in mind MQM don’t need only a forged picture to win Elections in Gilgit Biltistan. Now the results with us proving the popularity of MQM in GB.


    1. Mr. Nadeem,

      This petition should not be against Pakistan rather it should be against India!!!

      India has not only occupied Kashmir but also killed almost 100,000 innocent people there.

      Please also recall Kashmir is not a part of India, rather as per UN resolution it is still to be decided by the people of Kashmir whether they would like to go with India or Pakistan.

      I hope you will correct your records.



    Jammu Kashmir National Independence Alliance UK (JKNIA UK) will be organising a protest in front of Pakistani consulate Bradford UK on Monday 16th October 2009 at 11am –12:30pm.

    JKNIA UK strongly condemn the annexation and political invasion of the Pakistani state and their so-called democratic Govt. lead by Asif Ali Zardari.

    All of the none state political parties including ruling PPP have rejected the results and challenged the credibility of the bogus elections in POGB.

    JKNIA UK will be protesting for the fundamental ,constitutional and legal rights for the people of the Pakistani Occupied Gilgit Baltistan (POGB).

    At the end of peaceful protest the leadership of JKNIA will be handing over a memorandum of protest to the Council General of Pakistan, against the DEFACTO ANNEXATION OF GILGIT BATISTAN.

    Jammu Kashmir National Independence Alliance UK

    1/ Jammu Kashmir National Liberation Front

    2/ Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party UK

    3/ Kashmir Freedom Movement

    4/ Jammu Kashmir Plebiscite Front

    5/ Kashmir Liberation Organisation

    6/ Association of British Kashmiris

    7/ Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front

    8/ Jammu Kashmir Peoples National Party

  9. MQM EXPOSED Gilgit Baltistan Fake Rally Pictures are made with Adobe Photoshop

    MQM Pakistan is exposed using the digital techniques to modify their Gilgit Baltistan Rally pictures. The picture shown here is also published in todays daily express. In this picture one can easily see that Adobe Photoshop is used to increase the numbers of people attending the rally.

    Go to: 2aa

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