Opinion : Power slipping away from Zardari’s hands

by: Tausif Kamal

It seems that the GHQ and the right wing fundamental lobby in Pakistan are rattled by the pro- civilian, pro-democracy policy towards Pakistan of President Obama and this US Administration as indicated by the provisions of the Kerry Lugar Bill…The GHQ and its fundo lobby I think senses the power slipping away from their hands and hence they would do anything to weaken the democratic govt. and to overthrow President Zardari, for instance by playing the ‘national security’ card…Towards this end they would use the media and their reactionary columnists, editors, reporters and TV hosts to plant stories and write against Zardari for starters…They think once Zardari is gone, PPP will split and the elected govt will become impotent or it will be toppled and replaced by right wingers and fundoos (PML N, JI etc)….

Courtesy: – CRDP, Nov 10, 2009

Opinion : Jeay Sindh & Bashir Qureshi

by Chitrkar, Lahore

The only problem is that anyone who thinks that the Jeay Sindh will demonstrate to save Zardari is not familiar with the facts. Bashir Qureshi group is the real Jeay Sindh, they have a very solid dedicated worker base, and they have constantly worked hard to develop sympathies and support within Sindhis. Yes MQM could support as they have already collaborated in various cities of Sindh in district govt elections and afterward (remember Altaf Hussain was very close to  G.M Sayed). I think this is a hint towards post BB, PPP which will loose support fast amongst Sindhis, the political vacuum will give the nationalists a long over-due chance.

Courtesy: Pakistani e-lists/ e-groups.

November 11, 2009

Baltistan : MQM’s Fake Rally Picture

Courtesy: Pkpolitics & Cafe Pyala

It has been discovered that a recent picture of MQM’s rally in Sakardu, which was published in Daily Express was actually photoshopped to exaggerate the number of participants in rally. The modified picture was discovered by Cafe Pyala blogger, where he questions:

With Sultan Lakhany about to bring out an English paper – called the Express Tribune – married to the International Herald Tribune, is this the sort of objective, unbiased journalism we can all look forward to? The picture was published on the front page of Daily Express of 6th November 2009. [To see above subjected photo in dialy Express, click here]

This attempt is similar to the Fake World’s 2nd Best Mayor story published..