By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan

Since the shifting of capital from Karachi to Islamabad after costing about Rs 60 billion in sixties to Sindh, a very nascent stage of the country in the year 1960, and at a very distant place of about 1500 kms away from one corner to another corner.

Various types of buildings have been constructed in almost 50 years of its shifting from 1960 to 2009.The Capital was shifted with an utmost objective of having a very clean and pollution free atmosphere with wide and spacious roads, parks and greenery and attractive environments but with the approval of concessionary plots at very low prices by the discretionary power used by the high authority of the Govt. to all employees and bureaucrats serving in various ministries and organizations, corporations, Banks, companies and others who made construction of their plazas, high rise buildings and houses with the result that the original concept of pollution free environments has vanished and at every corner one can see the over congestion and pollution of traffic jams and rush of people going here and there due to migration and settlement of the retired employees and high bureaucrats.The city of small and single , clear and clean buildings has been now a city of glamor of buildings, narrow roads and parking places. Even with the shifting of Naval, Land and Air forces Headquarters even from Karachi to Islamabad has created more congestion, narrow spaces loosing all benefits of the original objectives of shifting Capital from Karachi to Islamabad within the years of 50 to its shifting. More civil amenities have therefore reduced to a very harassing level like shortage of water, gas, electricity, parking, narrow roads, traffic jams, traffic pollution and other unhygienic conditions. People have been compelled to climb on the Margalla mountain and started building housing societies.The residential houses have been built alongside the Lahore G.T Road at its Eastern side and G.T Road Peshawar to its Southern and western side.Even at its Northern side, alongside the Muree Road, people have started building houses and flats.This shows the negligence of planning of the CDA and Islamabad authorities to allow such over expansion and extension to the capital city of Islamabad.Each year, the Government of the time awarded concessionary plots to all their favorite bureaucrats who reside in Islamabad after their retirement.In this way, they left their original native places and resided in Islamabad along with their future generations.No space will remain vacant in Islamabad and Islamabad will be connected with Murree, Lahore and Peshawar. Capital belongs to the federation and it is for all provinces but unfortunately the 85% population of Islamabad belongs to Punjab. Therefore, it is requested that please give due share to Sindh province in Islamabad and some space to Sindhis to live in Islamabad.

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