NFC : Sindh has lost 88 billions

by Zulfiqar Mirani

Syed Qaim Ali Shah says that Sindh has lost 88 billions due to (indirectly pointing out towards Mumtaz Bhutto) signing on NFC 1997..

My questions is that will PPP government tell the Sindhi people that how much amount Sindh has lost in last 35 years on account of financial distribution on the basis of population; and that who had introduced that criteria (of population basis) for the distribution (in 1974). And also that why they and PPP have deviated from historical stand of Sindh Government for distribution on the basis of revenue generation basis only?

Instead of opposing this criteria why PPP government of Sindh supports it? Is this criteria of distribution of NFC in the interest of Sindh? Will Mr. Shah, the chief minister of Sindh explain how much amount Sindh will loose on this criteria (particularly on area and poverty/HDI) basis?..

Courtesy & Thanks: Sindhi e-lists and Zulfiqar Mirani