So called “Free media” of Pakistan!

by Iqbal Tareen

So called “Free media” in Pakistan is still in its infancy. Members and owners of the Pakistani media carry huge burden of predisposed opinions and ideas about various political issues and political parties. High percentage of owners and journalists alike seem to muscle their power to pursue personal, political and business objectives.

To some extent it is true about the developed nations including USA. The difference is the highest degree of people’s access to information through alternative media and through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). Other than Presidential elections, the politics in USA is more local and so is local media, which constitutes the core of communications.

Other than war, economy, and immigration no issue takes a central stage in American politics. Foreign policy issues become hyperactive only when Western countries are engaged in war or active conflict with other nation/s. Other than major political decisions, politics in developing countries does not drive day to day life of their citizens.

In contrast, in Pakistan along with many developing countries in Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and South America there is very little that politics does not drive. Some states would like to determine how their citizens behave in the privacy of their bedrooms. Due to un-quenching thirst of power, rulers in developing countries hate decentralization because they prefer to rule from the top.

Media Moguls also become power maniacs. They blackmail, fabricate stories, feed to the public frenzy instead of providing both sides of story.

It is this upside down system that makes government a big daddy and first and the last resort of providing relief to the people in developing countries. With unlimited state power and huge gap between the power of bullet and power of ballot people in developing countries will continue living under the darkest clouds of corruption and power abuse.

All above creates a live Molotov cocktail when mixing of religion and state provides a needed ignition.

I have a bad news my friends. No one but yourself is responsible for your demise. Take control of your destiny and refuse to take it from spin doctors and Hippocrates anymore. Cut through the chase to bring their game to an end. Don’t let them govern you in the name of Pakistan or in the name of Islam. Focus on your rights to pursue better life for yourself and your children. Yesterday’ s philosophies and religions are today’s common sense.

Take everything with grain of salt when it comes from the media, mullah, or a politician. Trust your instincts.

Right now all rightists organizations including fascist organization like MQM and Military picked media hounds are staging a parliamentary coup against a representative government. Is PPP regime corrupt, the answer may be yes, But you are not choosing between angels and an evil. You are being forced chose between a government manufactured in GHQ and the one sent by the masses.

I have never been a member of PPP nor do I have any connection with its ruling leadership. I knew Mohtarma Benazir Bhtto and I have been supporting democracy and peoples rule in Pakistan since 1968. A few people I know in PPP are not on a favorite list of Mr. Zardari. But let us look at the big picture and not gripe about a few strokes of a brush.

The main difference between PPP and other political parties is simple. PPP’s program focuses on taking care of ordinary people whereas other will tell you to “go take care of yourself”

Your foes know how to pick the side.

Do you?

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