Sindhi Culture under attack by Pakistani Media

Sindhi Culture under attack by Pakistani Media – Celebrate Sindhi Culture on December 6, 2009.

Let us join in the mass celebration of Sindhi culture on December 6 & renew our pledge to protect our language, culture, and identity.

President Zardari was seen wearing Sindhi cap proudly inspecting Guard of Honor in Kabul (Capitol of Afghanistan) on international media.

by: Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

For many years, Pakistan’s exploiting class including Urdu and some English media have been engaged in a malicious propaganda against Sindhi culture and language. First, they and short-sighted custodians of Sindh destroyed Sindh’s education system which was once envy of other provinces. Their particular assault was against Sindhi-medium schools that has ultimately resulted in the closure of more 7,000 Sindhi-medium schools in Sindh. This conspiracy has succeeded so much that many of Sindh’s middle class and upper middle class parents send their children to only the English and Urdu medium schools. Seeing the success of this conspiracy, the enemies of Sindhi culture and language have now extended their assault against Sindhi dress and other cultural aspects.

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Woman stoned to death for adultery in Somalia

MOGADISHU: A judge for an militant group in Somalia says a woman has been stoned to death and her boyfriend given 100 lashes for having an affair. Sheikh Ibrahim Abdirahman, the judge for the group al-Shabah, says the woman was killed on Tuesday in front of a crowed of some 200 people near the town of Wajid. Abdirahman says the 20-year-old woman had an affair with 20-year-old unmarried man and gave birth to a stillborn child. The militants that control much of southern Somalia have instituted a conservative reading of Sharia law. The stoning death was at least the fourth for adultery in Somalia over the last year. It was the second time a female has been killed. Last month, two men were stoned to death in Merka after being accused of spying.

Hyper-resistant bacteria

Antibiotic-proof bacteria

Stockholm: Resistance to antibiotics is increasing in Eur0pe and throughout the world because of their excessive use, a deadly and costly curse according to health experts meeting in Stockholm. Experts at the 2nd annual European antibiotics awareness day says hyper-resistant bacteria is a emerging and threatening the pillars of the global health. Some bacteria are  becoming resistant to all treatments. Hyper-resistant bacteria also cost Europe too much. The Hyper-resistant or super bacteria kill tens of thousands of patients in the US, according to officials. Experts suspect the situation could be even worse in poor countries, where antibiotics circulate more freely and are often available without a prescription.

Lahore Invites Badal To Open University

Chandigarh/Lahore: Indian Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal has been invited to Pakistan for the ground-breaking ceremony of the Guru Nanak Dev University being set up by the Pakistan government at Nankana Sahib, the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev – the founder of Sikhism.

The invitation was extended by former education minister of Pakistan’s Punjab, Imran Masood, at a meeting with Badal and others here. Masood has been instrumental in doing the ground work for setting up the university at Nankana Sahib named after Guru Nanak Dev. The ground-breaking ceremony of the university at Nankana Sahib, near Lahore city, will take place next month. Masood said the formal invitation for the university ceremony would be sent to Badal and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by the Pakistan/Punjab  government shortly. Former Punjab minister said he is hopeful of cooperation from the Indian Punjab government in helping set up the university in Pakistan and the university in Amritsar would extend all possible help in providing literature and other related educational material for the research in this upcoming university at Nankana Sahib.

Sindhi Topi rally in Hyderabad

Sindh Democratic Forum met on Nov. 27/09  in an emergent meeting and deliberated on the issue raised by all such print and electronic media that are pursuing anti-Sindhi policies and continuously malign Sindh culture and language. SDF showed its dismay over the launch of a media trail against 5000 years old civilization by focusing President Asif Ali Zardari for wearing a Sindhi Topi during his diplomatic visit to other countries as head of the state. Wearing century’s old sings of great Indus civilization and culture is also a fundamental right of the president of Pakistan as a Sindhi… SDF Further said that criticism on the conduct of present regime is a fundamental right of professional bodies of civil society including media. Sindh’s civil society is too vigilant of the governance failures of the regime of PPP but attack on a nation’s culture and dress cannot be at any cost tolerated and forgiven.

SDF has appealed to all journalist unions, forums and press houses to intervene in this matter and talk to their colleagues not to become so partisan, non-profession and biased to the rich culture of Indus valley.

To protest against such an offensive and vile attack on the signs of Sindhi culture, Sindh Democratic Forum has called a protest march on December 6th, 2009 @ 12.30 PM sharp from Gymkhana Chock to press Club Hyderabad Building.

Leading intellectuals, writers, peace, human rights and women activists, lawyers, columnists, journalists and concerned citizens will join the march and everyone is directed to wear Sindhi Topi and Ajrak to express their love to these great signs of Sindh’s identity.

Abrar Kazi (Convener), Zulfiqar Halepoto (secretary)

Pakistan-made Fighter Jet Makes Debut

Islamabad: Pakistan celebrated the rollout of a multi-purpose jet fighter manufactured in the country under a joint venture with China. The first locally produced JF-17 Thunder made its debut at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in Kamra, a small garrison town so 65 km northwest of Islamabad. ” It is indeed a landmark achivement, which signifies the trump of the will of our nation,” Pakistan Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal Rao Oamar Suleman said in a statement. The all weather jet fighter is equipped with advanced avionics and weapon system, and can reach top speed of Mach 1.6. It has a combat radius of 1,350 km, but is also capable of in fight refueling.

No one else but people of Sindh will chose

With no freedom to chose within Pakistan, people of Sindh will chose freedom…

Iqbal Tareen, Washington, DC

People of Sindh clearly see a Noora Kushty in conflict between PML (N) and MQM. Politically naive people couldn’t get the drift of MQM at all. MQM excels in “Use and lose” game. In my book “Harvest will come” I had predicted that MQM will stab PPP in the back because Nawaz Sharrif and MQM have common family tree going all the way to Zia-ul-Haq. Combined with all other rightist parties this is another IJI, which is once again engaged against a party that was not manufactured in GHQ. Many so-called “progressive and people friendly activists” have been taken for a ride.

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MQM’s strange logic: Killing is lesser sin than corruption!

by: K. Ashraf

That is the impression MQM leadership is trying to give that the killing people is lesser crime than corruption. MQM has created a territory for itself. Govt. auditors cannot audit Karachi and Hyderabad city governments.

One of the conditions agreed upon MQM and PPP to become coalition partners was to leave Karachi and Hyderabad’s finances unaudited. It is not only MQM and PPP, basically Pakistan’s total ruling elite has become addicted to corruption. They cannot survive without it. They don’t give a damn if Pakistan survives or not.

Courtesy: K. Ashraf &

PML-N and MQM alliance returning to Zia’s roots

LINGUISTICS AND NEW PROVINCES – PML-N and MQM alliance returning to Zia’s roots

by: Iqbal Tareen

Javed Hashmi is either desperately fishing to carve a new political platform where he can clearly distinguish himself or PML-N has thrown a bombshell to shakeup PPP-ANP-MQM ruling coalition in center and in the province of Sindh. Dividing Punjab in multiple parts will not dilute its effective power unless Pakistan army is transformed into a true national army from its current regional structure and characterstics. For all practical purposes Pakistan army is the only political party, which has been in power since the birth of the country. The windfall benefits of Army rule always flow to Punjab.

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Consul General USA visits Sindh University

HYDERABAD, Nov 24 (APP):The Consul General of the United States at Karachi Mr. Stephen G. Fakan has said that Pakistan is a strong country and its youth should work hard to bring it among the developed countries of the world. He said this during a visit to Univesity of Sindh on Monday. Vice Chanceller University of Sindh Mazhar-ul-Haq Siddiqui briefed the visiting Consul General about the academic and research programmes offered by the university.

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Destabilising the democratic system – Dr Manzur Ejaz

WASHINGTON DIARY: Destabilising the democratic system

Courtesy: WICHAAR, Daily Times

No one has any idea how the NRO is going to play out in the courts. But everyone knows that corruption is rampant in Pakistan and there are no effective means to check it. Ousting Zardari will neither fix the system nor validate the continuation of democracy in Pakistan.

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Request to honorable court of Pakistan by Chairman Sindh Development Foundation

Very serious legal matters are being discussed in different TV channels of Pakistan like proceedings in open air discussions. Some anchors are portraying as a complainant, chief witness, trial lawyer, prosecutor and judge all together and then they are giving verdicts about legal matters to instigate the general public and different institution to revolt. According to the constitution, it is not fair to persecute anybody in general public by open air media trail for character assassination. According to law, every one is innocent until proven guilty. It is the right of the honorable court to give a verdict after a fair trial. Justice is blind and it can not be selective. Accountability should be for all and not against one person or party. It seems that such organizers, anchors and TV channels are running a one side campaign against one party and trying to destabilize and weaken the democratically elected Government of Pakistan.


Chairman, Sindh Development Foundation

Historical Sindh Long March of 1000 kilometers

By: Raja Jee

On 22nd November, Quomi Awami Long March led by Rasool Bux Palijo has reached Karachi, and thousands of Man, women and children marched from Mazar-e-Quid to Imprest Market, the historical place from where Sindh played his role in 1857 war against British. Main leadership of Muslim League (N), Jamait-e-Islami, Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party, Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf, Muslim League (Q) and civil society showed absolute solidarity and participated in this Grand Peaceful Public Gathering of more than two hundred thousand Sindhis including about fifty thousand women. Participation and unanimous support of leaders of various political parties indicates that they are united over the issues and all called this event as most exceptional, mammoth, unique and longest protest march in Indo-Pak history and congratulated Awami Tahreek and Rasool Bux Palijo for this heart-awakening march. First time a march of a Sindhi Nationalist political party was the big head line evening news for all English, Urdu and Sindhi TV channels and named as a remarkable and unprecedented massive show of strength of indigenous local people.

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Kashmir Deserves President Obama’s Attention: Dr. Fai

Washington, D.C. November 23, 2009. “Kashmir dispute is simply this: the people of a large territory which is not part of any existing sovereign state were assured by the entire international community represented by the United Nations that they would be enabled to decide their future by a free vote. It was supported without any dissent by the United Nations Security Council and prominently championed by the United States and other democratic states. Until now, this assurance has not been honored,” said Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center on the occasion of Prime Minister India’s visit to Washington.

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JSQM, AT rallies: A salute to the heroes on the battlefield

JSQM rally

by: Aziz Narejo, TX

Pushed to the wall, the people in Sindh seem to be coming together. First JSQM’s mammoth rally of November 7 and now AT’s big public meeting at the culmination of its 46-day, 900-kilometer “Long March” in Karachi today. Another party, STP is to hold a grand rally in Karachi in January.

Congratulations to Jeeaey Sindh Qaumi Muhaz and Awami Tahreek for their peaceful and highly successful rallies and best wishes to Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party for their upcoming event.

It is auspicious to see major political parties and groups in Sindh coming together to work for the rights of the people. Hope their cooperation with each other will help end injustices and bring peace and prosperity to the people and the land who have suffered heavily during last 62 years under various democratic as well as undemocratic regimes.

The next step should be sitting together of the leadership of these parties and groups and chalking out a plan to take Sindh back. Holding big rallies is good but should be considered only a beginning of a thorny and complex journey.

Baluchs make a passionate plea for Independence at Washington DC International Conference

By: Khalid Hashmani

The “American Friends of Baluchistan” organized an International Conference On November 21, 2009 in Washington DC. According to organizers, the main purposes of the conference were to highlight issues in Eastern and Western Baluchistan that organizers and to pay tribute to Baluch leader Balaach Marri, who was slain two years ago. This all-day conference was very well attended with many standing in the back of the meeting room. The venue of the conference was National Press Club in downtown Washington, DC. The list of persons who addressed or presented papers was long and covered a variety of topics from history of Balochistan to happenings as recent as three days ago. The presenters included Selig Harrison (Asia Director at the Center for International Policy), Aziz Baloch (British Columbia representative of Baloch Human Rights Council and former General Secretary of Baloch Student Organization), Andrew Eva (an expert on resistance warfare fighting for his homeland Lithuania to regain independence), Saghir Shaikh (a Sindhi Rights activist and former Chair of World Sindhi Congress), Wendy Johnson and Annie Nocenti (co-producers of wll-known “The Baluch” documentary), Zafar Baloch (A Baloch Rights activist from Toronto, Canada), T. Kumar (Advisory Director for International Issues for Amnesty International), Gul Agha (A Computer Scientist and a well-known speaker on Sindhi Rights), Musa Arjemandi (brother of Norwegian Ehhan Arjemandi, who recently disappeared in Pakistan), Humaira Rahman (A Sindhi Rights activist and the General Secretary of World Sindhi Institute) and others.

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Some bitter facts about late Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi

by: Mohammad Khan Sial

Our some friends are paying rich tributes to late Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, His life can be divided into two parts. As well as first part is concerned, their tribute to late G M Jatoi is generally correct but there were some bitter facts about 2nd part of his life.

01. When army dictator Ziaul Haq removed elected Govt of Z. A. Bhutto, there were the persons who immediately met Gen Zia in the darkness of night. They were Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi and Maulana Kausar Niazi..

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Vitamin C is a vital vitamin

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a very powerful antioxidant. It is found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Studies suggests that it reduces the chances of Cancer. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce bladder tumors. It protect against esophagus, stomach and cervix Cancers. It works much better with vitamin E. Vitamin C protect the lung tissues and reduce the tobacco smoking effects on lungs. It enhance the immune system. Lemons, oranges, grape fruit and vegetables are good source of Vitamin C. Take vitamin C everyday to improve general health.

Vilayati Ghot Je Golha

The story revolves around a young girl, Silly. She is bold, witty, and snobbish. Silly has come to India with her mother, Meena in search of a bridegroom. The pre requisite for the groom is that he must be foreign based. This light comegy telefilm deals with her search with all twists & turns with interesting outcome.

Sponsor: Al Faraa Group of Companies, UAE, Director: Kamal Nathani

Producer: Asha Chand

In The Service of Historical Falsification

A Review of Robert Service’s Trotsky: A Biography

By David North

Trotsky: A Biography

Robert Service,

Harvard University Press,

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2009

The Specter of Leon Trotsky

Courtesy:, via Globeistan

In 1955 James Burnham, the intellectual godfather of modern American neo-conservatism, reviewed The Prophet Armed, the first volume of Isaac Deutscher’s monumental biography of Leon [Lev Davidovich] Trotsky. Fifteen years had passed since Burnham had resigned from the Fourth International at the climax of a political struggle in which he had crossed polemical swords with Leon Trotsky. It had been a difficult experience for Burnham, who felt somewhat overmatched in this political and literary contest. “I must stop awhile in wonder,” Burnham had written in a document addressed to Trotsky, “at the technical perfection of the verbal structure you have created, the dynamic sweep of your rhetoric, the burning expression of your unconquerable devotion to the socialist ideal, the sudden, witty, flashing metaphors that sparkle through your pages.”

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Martyr of Balochistan, Shaheed Balaachi Marri

by Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom

Balochs are our blood brothers – as a Sindhi, I have a special kinship with Balochs, I consider myself related to them and throughout centuries of living together and loving and respecting each other we have become entwined and inseparable.

If a bullet of the tyrants penetrates and runs through the heart of any Baloch, I feel the pain, extreme pain, hurt, distress, anguish and deep grief and sorrow. I have been living with that deep wound, that painful hurt, since this brother of mine, the valiant, illustrious son of Baloch nation, Balaach Marri Saaeen was Martyred.

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Khanam Googoosh

Khonom Googoosh not only a QUEEN OF HEARTS of Iranians but all those souls who love music.  The poem and lyric is probably written by an Afghan singer Ustad Zaland as a gift for Googoosh.The ban imposed on her by conservative government of Iran. Googoosh left the country in 2000.

Translation of song – I have come, wow, wow, I have come, LOVE shouts, I have come; I have come to fund Coquetry, Love shouts woow, I have come; My Sweetheart, I wish you live for one century, sit beside me and become my neighborhood; Become my neighborhood to shade on me, maybe Joining you is my Destiny; I have come, wow, wow, I have come, LOVE shouts, I have come woow; Love came and lodged in my Heart Desert, Manacle my heart with Loyalty; If Love do not Redress my heart, woe, my heart, woe, my heart, woe;



by Iqbal Tareen

I am not 100% clear how it was created but we know it was not created within a moment’s notice. Unless a moment was equal to trillions of earth years.

I will pass on any temptation to issue a decisive judgment though. If it was so obvious to everyone who created the universe, we will not have this discussion at all. We will all be in a total agreement. We don’t find lots of people disagreeing on the fact that fire burns. It seems whatever the theories are postulated they can’t stand the test of time. Each new generation seems to be smarter than the previous one. Yesterday’s advanced philosophies are just a common sense today.

The battle between mind and matter will probably continue forever. Both schools of thought share a common premise “God/matter” neither can be created nor can it be destroyed. It only changes its format. Ask a

Sufi, he/she will tell you “God” can be found even in the dead leaves.

Those who believe in matter they can experimentally prove their theory that can be witnessed and testified by anyone. Whereas those who believe in supremacy of God/soul will equally assert that they can see and feel God and they talk to him/her.

Faith is equally hard to refute because it does not require any proof and does not rely on test of reason.

We all agree (I hope) that we even don’t know what should be the ultimate definition or confines of “Universe”. The scope and vastness of universe changes every day if not every moment. It is actually so mind boggling that we have not been able to scratch the surface of it.

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Kashmir Peace Rally in Washington DC

Invites you and your family to participate at Kashmir Peace Rally In Front of the White House, Lafayette Park / (Nearest metro: McPherson Square (Blue & Orange Lines) Tuesday, November 24, 2009 12.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. What Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India Does Not Want President Obama to talk about! That the Kashmir is recognized by the United Nations as a disputed territory whose status is yet to be determined by its people.

That Kashmir is the most dangerous place on earth. (President Bill Clinton)

That Kashmir is the most beautiful prison on earth. (European Parliament)

That Kashmir is the largest military concentration anywhere in the world. (International Educational Development)

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