Kerry-Lugar Aid Bill, A Step in the Right Direction, says World Sindhi Congress

World Sindhi Congress Calls US Congressional Aid Bill to Pakistan, ‘A Step in the Right Direction’

Protection of common Peoples Must be Made Part of Future Checks and Balances

LONDON, The World Sindhi Congress joined many civil society groups in praising the decision of the US congress to promote regional peace and civil society in Pakistan by conditionally allocating civilian and military aid to Pakistan, based upon the Pakistani government’s adherence to democratic principles and international human rights agreements. The ‘S.962 Enhanced Partnership to Pakistan Act of 2009’, also known as the Kerry-Lugar Bill, was signed last week by President Obama, and authorizes the five-year allocation of US $7.5 billion dollars to Pakistan for civilian, educational, technical and capacity-building purposes. Furthermore, this bill incorporates new checks and balances designed to ensure the proper distribution of the money for civilian government, and deter the appropriation of the funds by Miltary establishment…

As representatives of the global Sindhi community, World Sindhi Congress deeply appreciates Senator Kerry and Senator Lugar for their efforts in safeguarding the rights of oppressed nations and other religious minorities in Pakistan by introducing a bill that upholds the fundamental human rights of citizens and demands an end to the disappearances of dissidents…

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It all started with a kiss – Pakistan university to ban kissing

Top Pakistan university to ban kissing

By Issam Ahmed

Courtesy: CSM, October 14, 2009, via Globeistan

Lahore, Pakistan – It all started with a kiss. When an unsuspecting female student at Lahore University of Management Sciences turned to peck her boyfriend on the cheek during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan last month, she probably thought her private moment would remain just that.

Instead the kiss – which a fellow student witnessed, documented, and then blasted in an email to the entire university as part of her “dossier” on campus PDAs (public displays of affection) – has sparked a passionate, headline-grabbing debate about how conservative Pakistani society should be.

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What is Sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which a person stops breathing during sleep, perhaps hundreds of times, usually for periods of 5 to 10 seconds or longer. In most cases the person is unaware of it. Apnea is usually accompanied by snoring.  People who have sleep apnea may not even be aware of the disorder, but it causes weight gain, heart and lung disease, high blood pressure and pre-diabetic conditions. Ask your partner or family if you have snoring or sleep apnea disorder.