Ready To Face Any Threat : Indian Army says

New Delhi: The Indian armed forces are “ever ready” to tackle any imminent threat India faces in the wake of the worsening security situation in its neighborhood, Defence Minister A.K. Antony said on Thursday. “Armed forces every now and then review their preparedness. Whenever needed, they’ll be ready to face any situation,” Antony told conference 2009. “Armed forces are ever ready to tackle any (security) threat,” he stressed. Antony was asked about Prime Minister Manmohan Singh cautioning the armed forces  “to be equipped to deal with all threat scenarios”, particularly in view of the escalating tensions in Afghanistan and Paksitan.

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Google map shows Arunachal Pradesh in China

In Google China map, Arunachal is in China

BEIJING – While China continues to claim Arunachal Pradesh as its own, technology giant Google seems to have decided to take a line to please both Beijing and New Delhi. On the Google Maps site locatelised for users in China (, Arunachal Pradesh appears as part of China. On the site for users in India (, Arunachal appears in the way India sees it – as an integral part of India. And for users in other parts of the world, the site shows Arunachal Pradesh as a “disputed region”, like Kashmir.

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Glycemic Index

The glycemic index was first developed in 1981 by a team of scientists lead by Dr. David Jenkins, a professor of nutrition at the University of Toronto, Canada. Carbohydrate foods that find their way into the bloodstream gradually (fruits, green vegetables, and legumes) produce minimal insulin responses are called low glycemic indexes. Foods bread products, rice, sugar, honey, soda bottle, fruit jice, potatoes corn and etc) that increase the general circulation with glucose induce a surge of insulin are called high glycemic indices. High glycemic foods give sharp rise to high blood sugar is extremely unhealthy for the body. High blood sugar causes insulin resistance/ diabetes-II, irreversible damage to nerves, blood vessels, and organ specially kidneys and heart. Poorly controlled blood sugar is the main reason of the diabetics, increased risk to kidney disease, heart attack, and blindness.