Kashmir: Not a Movement of Terrorism: Dr. Fai

New Haven, Connecticut. October 21, 2009. Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center said, “The persistence of the Kashmir problem has been a source of weakness for both India and Pakistan. It has diminished both these neighboring countries. The resolution of this dispute will guarantee peace and prosperity not only to Kashmir but also to the whole region of South Asia.” Dr. Fai was invited as a guest speaker by the South Asian Society (SAS) at the Yale University. The lecture was moderated by Mr. Ashish Mitter, Chair, Political Forum of SAS.

Dr. Fai emphasized that India’s occupation of Kashmir has been left undisturbed by the international community, even though its validity has never been accepted. At no stage, however, have the people of Kashmir shown themselves to be reconciled to it.

He reiterated that an indication of the misplaced focus by so-called South Asian experts is the wrong-headed talk about the sanctity of the Line of Control in Kashmir. This line was originally formalized by the international agreements as a temporary Cease-fire Line pending the demilitarization of the State of Jammu & Kashmir and the holding of a plebiscite to determine its future. The people of Kashmir are not resigned to its becoming some kind of an international border.

Dr. Fai said that the Government of India needs to listen to her delegate Mr. N. Gopalaswami, who said at the United Nations on January 15, 1948,” The question of the future status of Kashmir vis-à-vis her neighbours and the world at large, and a further question, namely, whether she should withdraw from her accession to India, and either accede to Pakistan or remain independent, with a right to claim admission as a Member of the United Nations – all this we have recognized to be a matter for unfettered decision by the people of Kashmir, after normal life is restored to them.”

Dr. Fai quoted Mr. Vir Sanghvi who wrote in the Hindustan Times on August 16, 2008, “So, here’s my question: why are we still hanging on to Kashmir if the Kashmiris don’t want to have anything to do with us?…we should hold a referendum in the Valley. Let the Kashmiris determine their own destiny. If they want to stay in India, they are welcome. But if they don’t, then we have no moral right to force them to remain.”

Dr. Fai rejected India’s allegation that there is terrorism in Kashmir. He said what could be less terrorist – than the phenomenon of virtually the whole population of Srinagar – at times more than one million – coming out on the streets, marching to the local office of the United Nations in order to lodge a non-violent protest against the continuance of Indian occupation. Certainly, terrorists cannot compose the entire populations of the major towns of Indian-Occupied Kashmir. One million people reflect the true nature of the peaceful Kashmiri resistance movement and not a movement of terrorism.

Dr. Fai concluded that the Kashmir dispute cannot be resolved militarily. It is a political issue and needs to be resolved through peaceful political means. So, the first step is that there has to be a cease-fire from all sides that must be followed by negotiations. Negotiations cannot and should not be carried out at a time when parties are killing each other. Kashmir must be demilitarized, on the one hand, and de-terrorized on the other.

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2 thoughts on “Kashmir: Not a Movement of Terrorism: Dr. Fai”

  1. How to tribute Maqbool Bhat:

    We can neither hide the ideological differences among various groups in Kashmir , nor there is any serious attempt to replace this fractured system. Each group claims its own distinctive contributions in movement, and each in its own way does realize they are suitable to a particular group of people.
    There are two main ideologies.
    1. Independent Kashmir
    2. Association with Pakistan

    It is unfortunate that even groups with common agenda are not united. Which indicates that such disunity is on the bases of personal clashes?

    It is the time to tribute Father of Kashmire Nation Maqbool Bhat by showing sincerety.
    First of all the groups based on the ideology of Maqbool Bhat should initiate to unite themselves under one platform. As well wishers of Kashmir are concerned about different groups in the name of Maqbool Bhat having common ideology.

    So there are two phases to overcome this critical situation. First, they must promote better interfaith understanding for creating a workable degree of unity. This may be achieved by respecting each other’s leader and by emphasizing common concern about occupation of Kashmir. Second, they must unite themselves under one platform with viable consensus acceptable for all such groups.

    Same program should be practiced by Pakistan accusation thought of leaders & groups.

    These positive steps of both schools of thoughts will enable them to frame united agenda against occupied forces. I have framed such plan as promised via my article published in Weekly Chattan Sgr. Expecting this plan will be acceptable for all well wishers of Kashmir, as it is easy to discuss or do politics or to make soil of Kashmir easy path to paradise, but difficult to bear all types of atrocities especially attacks on honor continuously for decades. Can New Delhi or Islamabad afford disturbance even for one year. So it may be treated as human issue also.

    To contribute Maqbool Bhat is to share the sufferings of fellow affected citizens
    This is the test of the moral & spiritual strength of leaders. They must set an example by their practice. They should not hope to convince others of the value of sacrifices & justice by mere words. Unless they must not live up to the same life standards and sacrifice that they ask of others. The ultimate purpose of Islam, which we claim is the base of Kashmir movement, is to serve and benefit others. But I know many whose sacrifices are worth praise in movement do suffer in both sides & few in the name of Kashmir are enjoying luxuries.

    Maqbool Bhat is MAQBOOL because of his sacrifices & commitment with mission? While in Tehar jail India offered him everything, he neither bow there nor he begs when was arrested in AJK. On 23th July 1976, letter of Maqbool was published in Indian Express, in which Maqbool declared this truth that he is only agent of his conscious.

    The best tribute to hero of Kashmir via leaders is not to bow before cunning enemy nor to take dictation for dollars & be only agent of conscious. It is unfortunate that Hindus with so many sects & vast ideological differences do prefer united India , while as Muslims with one Prophet, one Holy book & with spiritual duty to be united, are with different options. In addition to Indian brutalities;due to U.N.O. double standards, different agendas & disunity among leaders Kashmire new generation is with confusions & uncertain about themselves. Some are in conflict with themselves, due to unfair policies of pipit Muslim rulers, self desired leaders, misguided & immature elements.
    No doubt India engaged in brutalities to curb legal Kashmir freedom movement, is doing WRONG with his 80% population without basic facilities, can never conquer, as evil can never conquer.
    Only leaders ………….with high moral valves can conquer who believe they can.

    Kashmir Study Circle

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