An open Letter by President of Awami Tahreek

Ayaz Latif Palijo President Awami Threek
Ayaz Latif Palijo President Awami Threek

To : All Committed Democrats

This is to introduce to you a patriotic socio-political organization Awami Tahreek (Peoples Movement) based in Sindh, (Pakistan) with its Headquarters at Hyderabad, Sindh.

People connected with Awami Tahreek have been in the fore front of every democratic and patriotic movement and struggle in Pakistan in general and Sindh province in particular since the mid-sixties.

Awami Tahreek is an organization with a broad world out-look and believes in all around and all-embracing change for the better in all fields in Sindh and Pakistan, in South Asia, Asia and the third world and in our entire global village which is also called the space-ship earth.

We in Awami Tahreek have always had and have always retained a firm faith in humanity and its bright future inspite of all the unhappy, sad and dark centuries of its existence since time immemorial and in spite of all the turmoil it is facing to day all over the world.

We observe that the centers of human evolution and progress have kept shifting from place to place, country to country and continent to continent. While the fountain head of the emergence of humanity is recognized to be the African continent and the cradle of its early great civilization of faiths has been Asia, the firm roots of world modernity, scientificality and democracy go back to Greco-Roman civilization in Europe. Our century has witnessed the rise and fall of Russia, the rise of both the far west (America) and far east particularly including Japan and China.

We believe that along with the great Eastern peoples like the Japanese, the Russians, the Chinese and others, peoples of our sub-continent too are entitled to the stability, prosperity, progress and human glory that was and once more promises to be the East which is rising up again and lifting its head and by the sacrifice of its sweat and blood is becoming readier to march hand in hand with all the fraternal and friendly people of the non-imperialist democratic West.

We believe that while the role of profit-based competitive market-economy has proved to be much greater than it was previously realized, it can not be and is not the Panacea for all the evils afflicting humanity. The most fundamental and enduring problems confronting mankind call for fellow-feeling, co-operation and united effort aimed at mutual benefit rather than cut-throat competition, rivalry and strife.

We believe that a uni-polar world is bound to end-up in confrontation, and attempts at domination of entire humanity by a single gigantic world centre compared to the vastness of whose domain that of the Roman, Muslim, Chinese, Mongol and British empires would appear to be a mere child’s play.

A multi-polar world alone can meet the requirements of our world to-day for peace, co-operation and for all-round social, economic , cultural, scientific and technological progress.

Awami Tahreek has been very active since its inception in its support for the struggle for democracy, rule of law, justice, fair-play, provincial autonomy and basic human rights for everyone specially the women,, minorities and the weaker sections of our society. In this regard we have launched a long march from Kandh Kot (Sindh)— the hub of the sardari (feudal) system of Sindh, Pakistan. The march was started by our activists on October 8, 2009. Thousands of Awami Tehrik workers – both men and women – were at the venue. The people were chanting slogans against the terrorism, autocracy, corruption, jirga and sardari system, condemning the practice of karo kari (honor killings), asking for educational and health facilities and demanding opportunities for employment. The marchers would cover about 20kms each day and the route of the march will cover the length and breadth of Sindh. The total distance of Long March and dozens of short marches from Kandhkot to the Karachi Press Club (22nd November)is about 960 kms and same will be covered in 46 days. I invite you to extend your solidarity and to support and participate in this historic and unique event in the history of social and grassroots political movements in Pakistan.


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One thought on “An open Letter by President of Awami Tahreek”

  1. I appreciate the observation of leader of Tehirk but failed to note any reference to the tribulation sindh and its inhabitants are facing since the birth of this country. Every day sindhis are being relegated to a backward community. The pacea of this ill is only spread of education at mass scale.

    I request the President of A.T to chalk out single agenda program i.e spread of mass literacy in sindh without further loss of time.

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