What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a mysterious mental illness of delusions, hallucination disorder thought and feeling and a broken will. Some times the grip of schizophrenia calls “the cancer of mind”. Schizophrenia is a mysterious condition was first described in 1806, but no one is certain whether the illness – or more likely a group of illness – existed long before then but had escaped definition. Schizophrenia has a tendency to run in families, but hereditary alone apparently cannot explain why a specific individuals develops the full-blown illness. The term schizophrenia in 1908, describes a  specific type of alteration of thinking, feeling, and relation to the external world. The term refers to a splitting of psychic function, a peculiar destruction of the inner cohesiveness of the psychic personality. The person experiencing early symptoms, there is a dislocation of every faculty of time, space, and body, hearing voices, bizarre delusions extreme apathy or agitation, coldness towards others – taken singly unique to the illness, symptoms vary so much between individuals & over time for the same individual that the notion of a “typical case” is virtually non-existent, even the degree of disability far more severe, on average varies wildly. The defining characteristic of the illness is the profound feeling of incomprehensibility and inaccessibility that suffers provoke n other people. Psychiatrists describe person’s sense of being separated by a gulf which defies description from individual who seems totally strange, puzzling, inconceivable and incapable of empathy, even to the point of being sinister and frightening the onset of the illness dramatically intensified a pre-existing feelings that essentially disconnect from them and deeply unknowable.

Help your liver

The liver is a filtration system of cells which processes the nutrients and chemicals we absorb from food. The job of liver is to filter to keep the blood as pure as possible. If you nourish yourself with nutritious fruits and vegetables is good deal for liver. So many toxic chemicals that enter the body generally damage the liver. Cleansing the the liver is important. You can help your liver by eating washed raw dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and B vitamins. Avoid consuming sugar and sugar products. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of crystal clean water and walk 1 hour daily or exercise half an hour daily. Consume yogurt early in the morning if you don’t any allergies with milk products.