We are the Masters of our own fate

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

.. Our Baloch brothers have chosen the armed path and seek separation. Only history will tell if this was the right decision by Balochs or a mistake that further takes Baloch children away from sharpening their pens and arming themselves with the educational assets. However, Sindhis are non-violent people who for much of their history avoided conflict and conquered the hearts of their conquers with love, humility, and Sindhiat. It is the beauty of Sindh that if Muslim Sindhis were lagging behind in education, the Hindu Sindhis opened the best schools and institutions in Sindh and gave the best opportunities to their children.

The greed, selfishness, and usurpation of collective resources is nothing but a temporary phenomenon. The be-raham wadera, corrupt politicians, and selfish bureaucrats and rich hoarders will be defeated if even few of us keep the light of Sindhiat alive. Those who can, must strive and do their best to bring positive revolution in small cities, towns, and villages of Sindh. Sooner or later, the sincere efforts of such people will succeed if not in this lifetime then in our children’s lifetime.

Let us use what ever we have to keep fighting for the positive change for we do not have any other alternative. To do nothing would mean surrendering without even trying!