The two rules for good health

1. Purity & Cleanliness: Bathe daily, drink at least 8 glasses of crystal clear water, eat raw green and colourful vegetables, legumes ( beans, lentils/Dall,  root vegetables (Moori/Mooli) , cut sugar or refine carbohyderates products. Fresh water fish is good for health. 2. Vitamins: Take B, C and E vitamins


Poetry by: Muhammad Kamran Baloch

No more heroes in legacies

No more heroes in fantasies

Supermen are flying way above our visions

Spider men are climbing buildings way beyond our missions

Tarzans are left in jungles, lonely

Romeos are in movies only

No one left, to lift who suffer

No one left, to catch who murder

Sons dying, just on demand for their rights

Mothers crying on the bodies of their lights

Fathers dragging the burdens of their lives

Sisters begging, just to earn some glimpse of their lives

Only tears to console tears

Desperation, over desperation layers

Capitalists are ruling the world

Capital is the rule of world

Terrorism and Anti-terrorism for resources

Crusading and Jihad for resources

Need, not only for survival, lust is working

Heed, not only for revival, lust is working

Cosmetic activities, to get a social status

Then jerks to the society, to retain the status

No more shows to cure pains

No more showers of blessing rains

Entertainment, is to see live fighter jets

Bleeding bodies and suicide attacks

Love & Care has lost its taste

Chirping birds have lost their nests

Now, best advice is, “Do not advice,

Just have fun with one electronic device”

Where gone the social mentors?

Where gone the social inventors?

Where are we going? We don’t know.

What are we sowing? We don’t know.

Come out of this cage

Come out of this cave

Bring reforms. It is your duty and right

Stand firm. Please, don’t give up the fight

You are the real rulers of this world

Intruding first raw and delight of this world

Pierce the curtains of these piercing rules

Be the legends and make new rules

Be the heroes and rule the hearts

Become the helping hands and loving thoughts

Put your pen and change the story

Die on truth with lasting glory


Courtesy: Sindhi e-list Mehran

Huffing and puffing [about Kerry-Lugar bill] by Manzur Ejaz

Dr. Manzur Ejaz
Dr. Manzur Ejaz

WASHINGTON DIARY: Huffing and puffing

by Dr Manzur Ejaz, USA

Courtesy:, October 6th, 2009

Ultimately, after the US consultants and intermediaries have taken their cut, Pakistan will get about three to four hundred million dollars which cannot do much when the country is several billion dollars short of its obligations and needs.

The saga of the Kerry-Lugar aid bill to Pakistan has become as surreal as it can get. Every concerned sane person is wondering what the fuss is about. Conditions attached to this bill are the same as in most previous such bills. Furthermore, why is such a big deal being made out of the bill when it cannot go very far in pulling Pakistan out of its ongoing economic crisis?

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