Download free Sindhi mp3 songs

Website of Kishin and Raj Juriani – Download free sindhi mp3 songs.

Report by Deepak Keswani, Ulhasnagar, India

Kishin Juriani and Raj Juriani has been singing for Sindhi community for years now. They have National and International fan following because of their mesmerizing voice and great song collections.

Do visit and also refer to your Sindhi friends and relatives about this site. There are hundreds of songs and videos being distributed free on site. If you like the collection you can download or order for CDs and DVDs. You can also register your mobile number to get the SMS update for the shows and new music releases from Just send message “ON RajMusicParty” to 9870807070.

Deepak Keswani

Ulhasnagar City Portal

32 thoughts on “Download free Sindhi mp3 songs”

  1. very nice songs.Sindhi songs and folklore are indeed beautiful.i know urdu,Punjabi,english and Sindhi and I have found Sindhi music has something in it that distiguishes it(apart from the language ofcource).Sindhi classical music is really beautiful.and mustafa shar and atta hussein,please this is not a Sindhi nationalist page so please keep politics out of it.I love sindh too but am also a die-hard Pakistani and Sindhi culture,along with all the other cultures,make Pakistani culture based on our common heritage and similarities that outweigh our differences but are ignored by nationalists so as not to weaken there position,probably like you.the truth is pakistani cultutre is all our cultures combined and with the advent of REAL democracy that i’m sure is to come soon,that fact will be recognised…
    until then let’s listen to some music:)…


  3. Are you looking for a website from where you can search, listen, download unlimited songs that you like. is a such type of site from where you can download not only mp3 but also lyrics, video. main advantage is you no need to signup for access. everything is totally free. so enjoy

  4. This site is very helpful for every person including world of Sindhis

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