Ayaz Latif Palijo elected as central President of Awami Tahreek

Ayaz Latif Palijo

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Hyderabad Pakistan: Ayaz Latif Palijo elected as new Central President of Awami Tahreek in annual elections held here in Hyderabad today. Newly elected 51 members Central Executive Committee includes Muhammad Khan Bhurgri elected as Central General Secretary, Sayed Alam Shah as Senior Vice President and Abdul Qadir Ranto as Media Secretary and 14 other office bearers.

The Awami Tahreek (Peoples Movement of the masses of Sindh) formally announced 46 days historical Long March of 760 kilometers (8th Oct to 22 Nov 2009 from Kandhkot to Karachi) in its first phase of PEACEFUL RESISTANCE against tyranny, corruption, autocracy, lawlessness, unemployment and terrorism. The March shall be led by Mr. Rasool Bux Palijo and new president Ayaz Latif.

Addressing the annual conference Central President of Awami Tahreek Ayaz Latif Palijo has invited all nationalist and democratic leadership of Sindh ad Pakistan to join their hands for Autonomy, NFC, Water, Education and Resources and Rights of Sindh and oppressed masses of Pakistan.

Muhammad Khan Bhurgri

Central General Secretary


Awami Tahreek Sindh


7 thoughts on “Ayaz Latif Palijo elected as central President of Awami Tahreek”

  1. It is the party matter of Awami Tahreek we got no mandate to comment except a congratulation to Ayaz.
    Hope he will follow the legendary Rasool Bakhsh Palijo.

  2. There will be no Change.Ayaz Litif will work like his father,because Rasool bux Palijo is not his father but also his Ustad.may be his shape and some qualities are matched.In Sindh Politics Demands Sacrefice from Leaders but they Coporate with Intelligence Agencies.Relatives of Some sindhi Officers of Intelligence Agencies are well know about many Sindhi leader, that how they acceptable are to them.Resistance and Sacrifice is difficult but people say them as Saeen and hundred or thousand come and their slogan long live is best then go to jail or become like Baoch Leader Lala Munir Rasool Bux Mangel and Balach Marri.

  3. Saaeen Ayaz,

    Congratulations. Glad to learn about your new role. I hope that you would be able to help make some dents in the stagnant sociopolitical and cultural environment of Sindh albeit positively. These are horrible times in Sindh history comparable to many others in past, but the concurrent circumstances closely resemble the time-period under Aurangzeb. It is sad to witness the constant institutional decay in Sindh. Emerging middle classes, elected rulers, and many NGOs are playing as neo-feudals; educational institutions have lost vigor and academic values (I can speak about social sciences related fields, not hard sciences). It was shocking to learn how some university institutes changed the seat numbers of prospective students after examinations to accommodate their favorite ones. Rampant law and order in universities student group activism aimed at education without academics is producing educated illiterates. Among many, the most
    important task Sindhis need to get ahead with is to shame the groups of hypocrites, both at home and abroad. Home based hypocrites are several democratically oriented and some elected organizations claiming to defend the rights of Sindhis, when in fact such organizations have been assigned to ensure that the continuous survival of self-suicidal status-quo. The overseas based hypocrites include Sindhi organizations in Europe and United States and some of their individual cohorts, who have seek pleasure from outcasting sincere Sindhis; loudly propagandize the defense of Sindhi rights yet practically work against; most such organizations have become personal family-oriented fiefs; their leadership has constantly violated their own organizational constitutions for temporal personal leverage in internal organizational affairs with support of cohorts. Moreover, overseas based hypocrites also include so-called Sufis, who on the one hand will
    criticize the religiously orientated interpretation of Sufism, but will advocate Sufism from liberal divine contexts in an unscientific manner without making any sense of Sufism. Most appear bored with their daily lives both at home and work, hence play with Sindhi issues as ‘something to do’ in a hobby-like manner. Both at home and abroad, conscientious and honest, who disagree with their hypocrite viewpoint are subjected towards being community outcast and with ful-fledged campaign of Garyoon. That explains the moral side of specific behavior making one wonder where Sindhi conscience has disappeared! You will be facing hypocrites and their hypocrisies in this new role.

    I believe that your major task should be to boldly deal with such an hypocrite behavior. Circumstances in Sindh, if not improved or are made to shatter, will likely turn Sindhi society into constant anarchy and chaos that might prevail another century or so under the most undesirable circumstances. Ideals of Shaikh Ayaz have already been water-shaded and almost forgotten, while many hypocrite have become accustomed to substantiate their follies with recitations from Shah-jo-Risalo. Perceptions of researchers supposedly engaged in translation of Latif continue remain muddied with the 19th century mullah-oriented behavioral practices. Although Sindhi language as amongst the most ancient ones in recorded history so far has preserved words spoken approximately 3,000 years ago, the dark ages oriented theory and practice is bound to change the culture of language itself. Ministers of education are often on the defensive when it comes to
    creation of new jobs and how they were sold without merit and often behave aloof about the seriously needed political socialization processes that are badly needed amidst the ongoing large scale demographic changes.

    You have a daunting heavy task ahead and I wish you all the best in this regard. Obviously, things will not improve overnight miraculously, but honest and sincere efforts must begin to ensure the beginnings of positive evolutionary process. The operating negative sociopolitical cycle that Sindh suffers from will not end until such negative cycles actually are completed. Nevertheless, the society must be ready to adapt positive trends, if and when they begin when the time comes. In my opinion, such preparatory processes are missing in all of the so-called loud voices often raised by certain Sindhi hypocrites and in the policies of representatives accustomed to ‘rule’ in the name of representation.

    I am not sure when we might meet again. I have an October conference invitation from Islamabad and the organizers insist very much upon my participation. However, memories of the recently spent ten months in Islamabad in anguish and pain are holding me to decide about participation. But we will certainly meet whenever the destiny desired my next visit.

    Briefly, I have lost my trust of Sindhis and Sindhiat because of the concurrent hypocrite behavior and have literally stopped socialization with most Sindhis in USA. Back there, you and your sincere friends would have to come up with strategies to help cope with existing situations.

    With kind regards for you and Saaeen Palijo Sahib Sr. Life goes on through guidance from the learnings and teachings of Hakim Omar Khayyam my spiritual mentor, who himself was subjected to some undesired serious utterances by hypocrites during his life and times.


    Professor Aftab Kazi, PhD (Pittsburgh)
    (Unsung*Hero US Do-ED -retired)
    Senior Fellow, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute &
    Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center with the
    Institute for Security Policy & Development Stockholm at
    Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
    Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC 20036 USA
    ” Free men maintain neither possessions nor ethnicity (aftab kazi)”
    Poetry page URL: http://www.aftabkazi.com

  4. My dear brother Ayaz:

    Please accept my heartfelt felicitations on your election as the leader of the one of the most formidable political entities of Pakistan – Sindhi Awami Tehreek. Given your political pedigree and your well articulated stance on the rights of the downtrodden, your selection is befitting which would likely raise expectations and hopes of those hitherto forgotten by all. I mean the working-class people of Sindh. As an expatriate Sindhi who continues to aspire and dream for a Sindh without economic, political, ethnic, or religious oppression, I am looking forward to your leadership and to further enhancing our friendship.

    Sindhi Awami Tehreek is an extremely important political movement for the rights of the people of Sindh. My humble and respectful and thoughts herein have collective and personal connotations. I am not in the habit of sending congratulatory messages to my friends or acquaintance or political allies. For example, I did not send a message to Benazir Bhutto on her return to Pakistan although she was an older sister of my friend who was killed in questionable circumstances; neither did I send any message to her widow, Asif Zardari, who is my family friend. Why a message to the elected chief of a political party that I was never associated with? For one, throughout its life, the Sindhi Awami Tehreek, under the leadership of your illustrious father, has pursued a clear course. For example, its analysis of the class situation in Sindh and the phenomenon on MQM has remained beyond reproach.

    You are cognizant of the fact that despite my some serious conceptual differences I hold your esteemed father, Saeen Rasul Bux Palijo, in a very high esteem. Saeen Palijo, his erstwhile comrade Dr. Feroz Ahmed, and I have been arguing on the merits of our thoughts since early 1970s when we would have sessions of the Sindhi Adabi Sangat in Hyderabad or meet during the various political events. He is an amazing person; a great leader and organizer with whom I felt very comfortable in disagreeing and whom I love and respect a great deal.

    Politics in Sindh has become a hugely damaging phenomenon. In our days we disagreed on principles, theories, values, etc. Sadly, nowadays political polarization in Sindh is along the lines of loyalty to the intelligence agencies. With greatest of respect, Ayaz saeen, your greatest task is to transcend those lines and to maintain that space in which your friends and comrades may disagree with you and still enjoy your trust and confidence. During my last appearance at the Hyderabad Press Club in 2001, two of my most beloved characters attended, my dearest comrade Jam Saqi and Saeen Palijo. They were immensely cordial with one another despite their differences on political ideology and I was simply thrilled to see them both at the same place displaying such camaraderie. You need to create the similar space where disagreements are dealt with serenely and thoughtfully.

    We need to be mindful of the fact that whatever benefit comes to Sindh would NOT be delivered via Washington, DC or New Delhi or Makkah/Medinah. Sometimes we end up celebrating even a word of encouragement that we receive from the otherwise fascistic characters. Our struggle must be grounded in the local realities and not in the dreams that others sell us. As such, Sindhi Awami Tehreek needs to revisit its policies vis-a-vis imperialism.

    In my respectful view, any political entity without a solid anti-imperial and anti-colonial base is highly suspect. In Sindh lots of our wonderful comrades have been playing the softer side of the international “NGO movement”, which in my view is, an existentially acceptable stance as it brings bread and butter to their family, and occasional jaunts to Washington DC, but at the end of the day their actions inadvertently end up supporting an imperial agenda. Too many times I have heard activists for the human rights of Sindhis turning a blind eye to the terror unleashed by powerful countries on the helpless people like the ones from Gaza, Balochistan, or even from the Northern Pakistan.

    Then there are those who hold this rather mistaken belief that seeking help of the imperialists is a noble pathway towards the noble goal of emancipating Sindhis from the various forms of tyranny. To these friends, I would only offer an advice that the nobility of ends must be matched by the equal nobility of the means employed or adopted. Too many times humanity has suffered from the ravages produced by the hugely flawed logic of ends justifying means.

    My brother, I respectfully advise you to pursue a path towards a Sindh characterized by social democracy, secularism, and justice. Social democracy would mean an end of wadera shahi and bridging of that huge gap between incomes of the lowest income earners and the ones at the top. Secularism not meaning end of all religions but celebration of all faiths that humanity tends to profess. Justice encompassing values such as the rule of law, equality, access etc. At the same time, avoiding the perils of ethnocentrism.

    I wish you well my brother. I assure you of my comradeship and fellowship. Many thanks and once again congratulations.

    With lots of love and respect,


  5. I am so happy that Mr. Ayaz Latif Palijo has been elected central president of Awami Tehreek democratically. There is also one point that it can go for a long time as a president demonstrating heriditary. On the other hand we should not forget that he is really rich in leadership charatersitics of Sain Rasool Bux Palijo. If someone is not agreeing with his presidential portfolio/status may prove any other person having his (Ayaz’s) capabilities!
    I congratulate Awami Tehreek and Ayaz Sb!
    Mubarak Ali Lashari Islamabad

  6. Mr.Qadir Ranto must be “elected” in previous election as president strategically to so as to justify and rationalize current selection of Mr.Ayaz latif palijo as central president. I assume he will saty life time centrl president demonstrating heriditrary element invloved in nature of most of Political parties working in South Asia ironically even parties working for democrcay .

    However congrate Mr. Ayaz for to be “elected “

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