Scam of Charity distribution of Khidmate Khalq Foundation

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This was a live broadcast by ARY News Sunday 13 th Sepetember 2009. It shows how these Charities are stealing money from you and me and where do these funds go. Just watch the video carefully and see it all for yourself. This is a charity run by MQM.

2 thoughts on “Scam of Charity distribution of Khidmate Khalq Foundation”

  1. Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Robert Schuller… and so many more Evangelists make your Agakhan a mere punk amatuer,

  2. The fraud of money is in every corner. Everybody is looking for easy money making Machine.
    Even the religious leaders are busy in financial fraud and scams.

    The so-called Imam and Spiritual leader Agakhan is involved in financial fraud
    since 3 centuries the legacy of scam handed over to him by his grandfather,
    which is practiced behind the closed doors of his temple Jamat Khana that
    is nothing but a Financial Institute where you just bank your cash money
    and no withdrawal.
    The fake religion is established to collect money from his innocent followers by
    blackmail and threats of getting disease, or homes and business would be on
    fire if not paid on regular basis.
    Apart from the monthly payment of 8-12% of income, he charges money for every prayer, to forgive sins, to go to Heaven, on the birth of a baby, on the death of a person, and one must become a member of his 7 steps club to go to 1-7th Heaven depends on how much one can afford; as the membership is in thousands and one must become a member otherwise one becomes a kafir.
    Can any other financial fraud beat this one?

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