Taliban – Fazlullah and his gang!?

by Abdul Nasir Khan

The following news items in two different dailies, if put together, would seem to indicate that there may be a surrender deal in the offing with Fazlullah and his gang. Maybe we will get to hear the good news before Eid. The News also suggested in a news item today that Muslim Khan’s capture was also a surrender under some deal (probably to release his family members) and made to look like a catch in order to protect him from his own Taliban.

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Coastal Communities live life worse than Prisoners of War

By: Salam Memon

Pakistan’s present democratically elected government, during last year had ratified International Covenant on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights as well as the Covenant on Civil & Political Rights and after ratifying those UN Covenants the State of Pakistan has been made itself fully responsible before the international community to deliver all the basic civil, economic, social, political & cultural rights to each of its citizens. Even though the period of more than one year has been passed to that ratification, our elected legislatives neither have initiated any legislation through their elected parliament nor couldn’t they formulate even only a plan or road map yet in this regard. Hence, it could be clearly seen that there is no sign is being witnessed that in near future they would do something for implementing the UN declarations already ratified by them. In contrast, country’s vast majority of the citizens are completely deprived even of the facilities of potable drinking water and sanitation, right to education, right to information and access to better health care facilities as well as right to adequate food. The social justice has been provided only to the privileged citizens countable on fingers while a majority of common people in Pakistan have totally been neglected for.

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Sindh: a big contributor of Oil and Gas

by Qazi Bashir Ahmed, Old Hala, Sindh

Courtesy: Daily Dawn, 14.09.2009

The Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources and Privatization, while addressing the session of National Assembly revealed that Sindh is producing at least 60 percent of country’ total oil production and only Qadirpur Gas field at Ghotki is giving 14% of the total fuel production in the country. Whereas the gas fields, spread over vast areas from Sanghar, Badin, Dadu, Ghotki and Khairpur districts are producing billions of metric cubic feet gas adding immensely in the national pipeline.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS or CFIDS and FMS) and Fibromyalgia is a fatiugue. Some of its common symptoms are: over active nerves causes muscles pain, difficulty in short-term memory, concentration, not good sleep, brain fog, increased thirst, bowel disorders, sinusitis, sore throat, muscle pain persistent infections or flu- like feelings, and tiredness. Taking  B Vitamins, Vitamin C and yogurt every day may help reduce Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Fresh and raw vegetable and fruits are the good source of vitamins.