PPP is treating Sindh as PURCHASED SLAVE!

Deteriorating Sindh: PPP regime and our role

by: Zulfiqar Halepoto, Hyderabad, Sindh

I am writing these lines with great disappointment and anger on the state of affairs in Sindh in all sectors of governance and the conduct of present regime and especially the performance of PPP.

I have visited 18 districts of Sindh for a district level consultation to hear the voices of the people on six  issues education, health, food (agriculture, water and environment), housing, and natural resource management). This is an initiative of an international NGO.

In the 1st phase I started my journey from Karachi, Thatta, Mithi, Umerkot, Mirpurkhas, Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Dadu, Larkana, Qambar-Shahdatkot, Sukkur and now meeting people in Khairpur.

Though I am a very optimistic person but I have witnessed a great level of decline in Sindhi society in the following terms. This trip of mine in boiling heat and scratchy sun with 50+ temperatures was a trip of total frustration and regret in the following terms:

People are disillusioned and are still in shock of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

People are totally frustrated over the state of affairs of Sindh government and its so-called policy of reconciliation and alliance with MQM and the dying anti-people and anti-PPP feudal, which tried to destroy Sindhi society and joined Musharraf to divide Sindh.

Deteriorating law and order situation, Jirga system, honor killing, unemployment, poverty, hunger, tribal feuds, decline in social services delivery and massive deterioration in infra-structure is the order of the day in Sindh under this so-called PRO PEOPLE REGIME.

People are angry on massive corruptions, nepotism, favoritism, killing on merit and other authoritarian and un0ethival acts of the entire PPP Sindh based leadership.

Not a single minister or legislators from Sindh is clean in these areas of preferential treatment. Everyone is just blind and ruining the social cohesiveness of Sindhi society.

There is a great crisis of leadership in PPP and everyone is operating through its own cronies and favorites from presidency to CM house and to speaker house Badin. Everyone is treating Sindh as their PURCHASED SLAVE.

· And especially those who were very active against Musharraf regime and stood shoulder to shoulder with civil society in the struggle of giving a new face of democratic values, plural socio-economic and moral coherent but on the contrary the society is declining fast to an anarchic society with no leadership.

· On the other hand the major policy level issues of Sindh like NFC, water distribution conflict with Punjab, dams’ construction, ownership of Karachi, issue of influx of Swat immigrants are washed away by the present regime. On the contrary PPP again is fighting the proxy war of military establishment and throwing peoples development agenda away from their priority.

· Almost two years are gone only in exercise to transfers and postings of their favorites and cronies. Every legislator and minister from Sindh (in both Sindh and federal cabinet) are every day fighting over these tinny issues, killing merit and pushing Sindhi society towards a society of stone-age.

· The days of Mr. 10% are gone, Due to price hike and financial crisis 10% is not a decent amount for them to cater their needs and now at least 30 to 40% commissioned is the order of the day.

· Young, dynamic and brilliant youth of Sindh every day travel miles and miles to go to appear in the entry tests of various exams of different projects but next day a list of favorites comes from CM house and other influential for the replacement of meritorious people and youth is getting deprived of their rights.

· Education department is the worst example of bad governance in Sindh. Other departments are also competing education department to win the race. In almost all the districts, the present education department managers including the minister were called a DISASTOR.

Now my question to all and to myself is that…Are we still going to support them… I believe and confess that Sindhi middle class and especially the writers, intellectuals and technocrats and even mediocre like me don’t want to discontinue their social relations with these civilized feudal of PPP.

Sindh is going fast of the hands of Sindhis… now who us going to save our motherland…,People will not come from the sky…it is you and me to change or at least play our role.

Sindh is dying in hunger, poverty, unemployment and lake of justice in all fields. It is time to wake up and stand up.

Source- The above article of Zulfiqar Halepoto has published at several Sindhi lists.

8 thoughts on “PPP is treating Sindh as PURCHASED SLAVE!”

  1. i agree we sindhees are going back to stone age we have to do something we have to push our educated class to come up and now we have to do sumthing to get our peoples out of slavation

  2. @Razzeque. You are right. Baloch people are trying very hard to get their homeland freed. But the things is balochs too are lacking unity though the case became sever when sind comes. However you people must try too to get liberation or at least rights for your people. Nothing can be achieved on silver plate. Democracy is not here sir . Here is “raj o rifle”. How long you people want to be victim. My appeal to Sindhi nation is rise Sindhi rise.

  3. yes,i also realise these things like you.our sindhi people could not imagen these actvitese from ppp,i would thanx to zulfi that he as sindhi men who condamnd up to these issues in sindh and he is 100% write.

  4. Why is it so easy to blame the PPP completely for any trouble in Sindh? The country, as a whole, is undergoing a tough time of struggle. How much do you expect our leaders to do? From energy crises, to financial slump, to terrorism, they are battling it all, and Pakistan is yet a developing country with limited resources. I think its important that we learn to stand behind our leaders and support them in their efforts instead of constantly dragging them down, and to remember that the PPP has, time and again, paved the way to democracy and hope for this nation and shall do so again without a doubt.

  5. I agree but you should also give us the solution , the way of political struggle. Educated and committed person like you, should participate in the national struggle.
    Now we see Baloch national movement for Liberation.Wealthy Sardars Balach Marri,Nawab Akbar Bugti,Midle class Leader Gulam Mohammad Baloch,sher Mohammad, Rasool Bux Mengal and thousand have martyerd for their mother land.Their Journalist Like Saddiqu Baloch,Malik Siraj Akabar have courage to wirte and support the independence movement.
    but our politcal Leaders have such courage and our journalist have created alternate word Aazadi as Ajpo,most of our leader get money from ISI.Those who are sincer with nation they are state’s most wanted person

  6. Well surveyed Dear Zulfy, i agree with that, and sindhis are completely disappointed from this PPP regime.

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