Karachi, Sindh – sudden rush to get free food kills 16

Karachi – Sindh: At least 16 women and children have been killed in a sudden rush to get free flour in Karachi, Sindh officials say. Many more got injured in the crush, reports say. The flour was being handed out in a poor, congested neighbourhood as a part of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Some of the victims suffocated in the sudden rush officials said. “The incident happened because the distribution was taking place in a very confined area without any precautions,” Karachi police chief Waseem Ahmed told reporters. He said the man distributing the free flour had been detained because he had not given police prior notice”.

An Apple a day, Keeps the doctor away

Some studies now indicate that apples can reduce the cholesterol and help the heart and arteries in several ways. Not only apples are the source of fiber but it has one particular type of fiber named pectin. Pectin is soluble fiber which helps to reduce the cholesterol. The apples are the source of flavonids and Quercetin, the antioxidant compounds that protect heart, kidneys and the body from the damage of free radicals and and other side effects.