Pakistan’s interior minister may visit Kabul to meet Brahmdagh

Courtesy: daily Dawn

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik is likely to visit Kabul soon to meet Baloch leader Brahmdagh Bugti to win him over, well-placed sources told Dawn on Friday.

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Robin Hood of Sindh – Kadu Makrani

Let us remember our heroes that have been forgotten by us but they continue to remembered by others!

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

Here comes another legend from neighboring Kathiawar who is a celebrated hero in Gujrat. A Gujrati film “Kadu Makrani” pays tribute to his bravery and sacrifice. Kadu Makrani is buried in Karachi, Sindh but is remembered in Gujrat and Balochistan, hundreds of miles away. Attached is a short story from Wikipedia that talks about this legendary hero, who fought with British with honor and bravery. He was later captured in Karachi and hanged by British.

[From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia] Qadir Bukhsh Rind Baloch alias Kadu Makrani was a 19th century’s archetypal figure who was born and brought up in Makran, Balochistan. He rose as an insurgent in Kathiawar, Gujarat, martyred and buried in Karachi, Sindh in 1878. His final resting place in Mewah Shah Graveyard (Lyari) which has become the center of inspiration today. He is also remembered as the eastern Robin Hood.

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Colony for MNAs and Senators; a source of corruption

by K. H Jatoi, Dubai

Pakistan – The Prime Minster has announced a housing scheme for the parliamentarians at Islamabad . According to the leader of house in the Senate, on the instructions of P.M at least 442 plots of 1000 sq. yards each have been earmarked for allotment to members of parliament irrespective of their party affiliations.

First of all most of the old legislatures who are again in the parliament having got plots in one or the other government which either they have sold out on lucrative prices or they have built houses on it. Besides there are large number of legislatures coming from affluent class and many of them have already palatial houses built at Islamabad .

The allotment of 1000 sq yard plot to them will thus be just an addition to their already a long list of assets. However those belonging to other provinces and do not own house in capital will not necessarily be interested in constructing residences in the capital. Under these circumstances what they will do is to dispose of the plot at premium.

Thus allotment of costly land of Capital to the members at throw away government rates will become a source of corruption and scams as most of the Parliamentarians will dispose of plots on higher price. Moreover on completion of five years term when the next government will be formed new joining parliamentarians will demand plots as a matter of right; and this list will increase with every new government ad infinitum.

The people have elected representatives to solve problems of their constituencies and not to acquire plot, build splendid residences and settle in the salubrious environment of Islamabad . I therefore request the Prime Minster to desist from initiating project of Parliamentarian’s Housing Society which if implemented will create more scams rather than serving the cause of people.


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