Charley Horse or Leg cramps

You will be lying in bed or even asleep when you get this terrible knot usually in the calf but sometimes in the thigh or the arch of your foot. What causes a charley horse? It can be the result of sore muscles, a mineral deficiency or hormonal imbalance or even a process known as calcification, in which blood gets trapped in a muscle and hardens. There is a difference between charley horse and leg cramps. Leg cramps, especially in the elderly, often result when not enough blood gets to the muscles. A charley horse is likely to be caused by too much blood getting to the muscles ( there may be other causes as well). Cramp (involuntarily muscles movement) and charley horses attack in different ways. “Leg cramps usually occur while your are walking and will come more gradually, building as you use the muscle more but charley horse, on the other hand, comes more suddenly and isn’t necessarily related to physical activity or using the muscle. These tips may help – Take vitamin E and magnesium or Multi-vitamins and multi-minerals or eat fresh and washed raw vegetables and fruits.

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