aliakbardhakanBy Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh

Every good activitiy brings happiness and removes hardships being suffered by the common man in the existing systems and circumstances.In the big cities like Karachi which is considered as big white elephant having four oceans like (i) Sea (ii) Ocean of people living in the slums areas (iii) Traffic and number of vehicles plying throughout the city areas (iv) Big buildings without planning and control of the concerned authorities.

Every where a non stop of Rows of flats have been constructed in the city particularly in the slum and kutchi abadis where the faclities of water, gas, electricity etc are meant for a limited number of people living there but with the new construction of flats and unplanned areas, the faciliites of all amenities seem to be negative creating shortages of all infrastructural facilities.Such conditions have also created a social and economic disorder in the people who have been more uncivilized citizens of the country.Many kinds of crimes have occured there and the whole life pattern of the people has become unhumane.Rather unnecessary construction of new over head bridges in some places has created more problems during the rainy seasons.Such construction of bridges has created more traffic jams rather providing easy and quick inflow of vehicles.The recent rains are the best proof of hardships people suffered due to stock of water gathered at places where the bridges are constructed as no leveling of the roads at all sides has been maintained, at one side the road is kept low lying and at other side, the tunnel has been kept at upper level so the low lying side gets more water in stock and become great problem for the plying vehicles during rains.The drainage system is also defective there from where the stocked water can easily be drained out immediately with the result that at some places, vehicles are sailing like boats in the river or seas creating problems for other vehicles coming behind them and the traffic jams become frequent and difficult for running other transport.In such circumstances long and difficult hours are passed by the people in very derogalory position without having provision of food and water, particularly, people with fasting suffered hunger and thirst as they passed about 5 to 6 hours on the roads in their vehicles plying in about 3-4 feet deep water.It is therefore suggested to the city Govt. authorities for God`s sake do not be lavish to waste poor public money of trillion rupees for caring their shares of commission only and not for removing hardships of the people living in the city.The amount may not be spent on such lavish schemes but more attention may be given to the best drainage system of water during the rainy season.The existing system may not be disturbed by constructing heavy over heads which have not provided any kind of help to solve the traffic jams and stopages.But the roads may be widened by removing encroachments at the road sides.Lavish decoration places may be discouraged at the road sides as more space of land is wasted in such round abouts erected in the middle of roads theroughout the city.How much money has been spent on a very large overhead starting from Lyari to Faisal Road at the both sides at a Karachi Big nala or filthy river of Karcahi.The traffic along side of this bridge is minimal having no social utility rather it has created problems in the existing system of traffic and wasted a huge amount of our annual full budget of Pakistan.This amount if had been spent on the improvement of the existing system, it would have been useful and beneficial for removing the social and economic hardships of the poor people of pakistan particularly living in Karachi city.Secondly, private vehicles may be stopped plying on the roads of the city and in place, large and quick transport buses may be arranged to carry the people from their residential places to their offices, shops and other places.In this way, the rush and traffic jaming can be avoided and also air pollution will be reduced besides, transport cost on petrol, gas and diesel will also be minimized. Thirdly, migration from other provinces or countries may be stopped into Sindh and the big cities of the Sindh.The control on influx of people from other provinces will surely provide relief from all ills and evils in the city of Karachi.

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