Democracy is the worst system but it is the best system we have.

The whole crisis of history has summed up with crisis of leadership.” – Leon Trotsky

If you really do put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.” – Anonymous

Democracy is the worst system but it is the best system we have.” – Churchill

Indo-Pakistan war of September 1965

The guns of August

by Ahmad Faruqui

Courtesy:, August 31st, 2009

OME of the writing about the Indo-Pakistan war of September 1965 borders on mythology. It is no surprise that generations of Pakistanis continue to believe that India was the aggressor and that one Pakistani soldier was equal to 10 Indian soldiers. A few have argued that the war began in August when Pakistan injected guerrillas into the vale of Kashmir to instigate a revolt and grab it before India achieved military dominance in the region. That was Operation Gibraltar. When it failed to trigger a revolt and drew a sharp Indian riposte along the ceasefire line, Pakistan upped the ante and launched Operation Grand Slam on Sept 1. Infantry units of the army backed by armour overran the Indian outpost in Chamb, crossed the Tawi river and were headed towards Akhnur in order to cut off India’s line of communication with Srinagar. In the minority view, the Indian response on Sept 6 across the international border at Lahore was a natural counter-response, not an act of aggression.

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The “Billas” of Draconian Agencies!

Only ‘Billa’ can tell why

By Zaffar Abbas

Courtesy: Daily Dawn, Tuesday, 01 Sep, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Brigadier (retd) Imtiaz Ahmed, or others like him who served in the security services over the past three decades, may alone know the real reason for re-igniting the controversies regarding their role in the making and breaking of political parties, alliances and governments, and of institutionalising corruption in the country’s politics.

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