Nationalist politics of Sindh

“Politics and political principles: nationalist politics of Sindh ”

by: Jamil Junejo.

Politics has greater importance and wider scope. It is such inseparable part of humans life that even those who deny being political falls into category of political being. For, just as man born into society is called social animal, similarly man born in state is, in principle, political animal.

It is an other matter he or she has to comply with various requirements in order to be political in practical sense .Every man, the movement h/she gets birth, and unconsiusly sign a social contract with state which outlines duties of state on man and in return, right of man on state. Man and state remains into constant interaction through various means and institutions for realization of that contract .Such interaction emerges as basis of politics and in on way most significant meaning of politics .Therefore, none living into state can attempt to transcend boundaries of politics .whole the day politics is attached with man’s life and keeps on demonstrating itself through various visible and invisible ways.

Politics has greater scope and immense utilization into society and state. It plays various roles as art, science, means, mechanism, action, process and balance. It creates relation

a swell balance between society and state through various political institutions .It creates connection between rulers and ruled and provides moral and legal justification to this relation. “It is constant combat against degeneration of society”. It provides way for peaceful regime change; “It is war without weapons……..”Moreover, just as education, science and technology serves as means of changing the destiny of nations, similarly politics serves also as means of transforming entire society into new shape .It is scientific revolution that changed destiny of Japanese, but it was politics that changed destiny of Chinese

Following the last conviction that politics can change the destiny of Sindh, our nationalist political parties have been waging political war before and after partition .they have succeeded in various struggles into different eras. But still aim of prosperious, sovereign, and autonomous Sindh is away to be realized .Apart from structural and operational flaws and weaknesses owing to censorship military regimes from time to time, financial deficiency, lack of leadership’s will, political parties have not so for attained the aim of prosperious, independent, sovereign and independent Sindh in case of G.M Sayed’s ideology related parties, due to lack of following some golden principles of politics

In terms of struggle, it is overwhelmingly binding for politics to be based on some principles in order to makes its overall business effective, efficient and resulted oriented.

Let’s bring some principles of politics into discussion with reference to our nationalist political parties.

“Begin from what people like, take them where you like”

This is fact that owing to complex and multifold nature of problems, politicians has to prioritize the problems .they bring the problems of life and death nature on their political agendas into shape of ideologies and programmes.But this approaches can proves to be successful only when Marjory of pubic has those problems on their priority too. Politics can’t generate results If the problems which are not priority of majority public, are on the prime agenda of parties. In this condition, unless patties don’t crate priority balance between problems of public agenda like, joblessness,poverty,health issues ,sanitation etc, and problems of its agenda like autonomy, class struggles,etc,politics could not yield significant results.for ,such situation will create vast gap between masses and parties ;parties could not win love, commitment, activism and participation of masses. And indeed successful politics without masses is impossible. Public is foundation of politics.

Genuine leaders always begin from what people like the takes them, through their leadership qualities, where lay the agenda of their party’s .This art and approach requires headship qualities and strategy building.

Our nationalist parties have, by and large, issues which are non issue for vast majority, on their political agenda and priority. As result they could not emerge as mass parties. If they really want to bring a bigger change, leadership will have to create balance between agendas of people and agenda of their party. Apart from freedom, sovereigny and autonomy issues parties should also address the issues like health, sanination, infrastructure, joblessness and poverty etc

Left wing parties of Sindh are working totally against the temperament of nation .Public has after its primary issues some how national question on its agenda rather than class question. But contrary to this left wing is persistently working with class question approach. Changes and revolutions are subjected to dynamics. Today, dynamics which can creates change friendly situations are some how hidden into national question not class question in Sindh .National question in Sindh is stronger than class question. Therefore left will have to change its approach .it should address national questions apart from class question rather creating balance as do the Awami Tehrik in rhetoric not practice.

Politics should be deeply rooted into public.

People are foundation of politics .politics without people is like fish with out water. Therefore parties doing politics should be deeply rooted into public .politics without people is root less politics. It will be neither strong nor in influencing position. It will be like bubble, shaped but internally empty and week. All the nationalist political parties of Sindh are cadre parties. None is mass part; none is deeply rooted into public. You will fail to know the answer whether you know, GM sayed,Rasool Bux palijo when asked from people of rural areas of Jati,Badin,kamber Tharparker etc. Our parties are planning to shift their secretariat to Karachi. Agreed. But they should penetrate into grass root level of sindhi society. It makes to wonder if Telenor Company can penetrate into rural areas of jati where you will see their posters, why not our parties. No doubt, as mentioned above it may be because of narrow space given to parties by establishment and financial insuffiueny .but notwhistandning parties are mainly responile to their narrow approach and access to people. Unless our nationalist parties become mass party, they can’t bring border and wider change.

Politics should have strong parties to demonstrate itself.

Politics is abstract entity .In terms of struggle, it is political party which awards concrete shape to politics. The more party is strong, organized dynamic, the more politics will be effective and influencing. Successful politics can not be done without strong political parties. Effectiveness of politics depends on effectives of party.

Politics without parties is like pouring water on solid ground that will disperse into many directions and could not take particular shape. Parties provide shape and direction to politics and provide it channels to demonstrate. Politics will remain victim of anarchy without strong political parties. These are political parties which collect spread viewpoints, and shape them into particular political philosophy and political force.

Analysis of nationalist political parties of Sindh reveals that our parties are not so much strong that hey could support strong and effective profess of their ideologies and programs .they are structurally week and flawed, financially inefficient, internally non democratic, opertonlly slow and ideologically week .As result they have experienced massive losses. Our parties seriously and urgently need to review their structure and performance and reorient them with parameter of international standards in order to fight the cause in effective and strong way

Politics should be ideology based.

These are not principles of parties but ideology that works as binding forces among the workers of party. Without ideology party can’t take majority of people along with them for longer time, because ideologies are the collective demand of people. collective rejection, resistance of any ill act whom people remain stick .Ideologies as comprehensive and organized program are a hope of salvation for people. People perceive realizations of their hopes into them .therefore political parties should formulate their political programmes on the basis of well defined, clear ideologies not on events. Events are for short term, resultantly reaction to them into form of political act is also ordinary and short term.ideilogies has long life, so have long reaction into form of persistent political movement .some of our political parties have clear cut ideologies especially the parties related with Saeen G.M Sayed though,And some are struggling without giving clear ideologies. The case with the parties related with G.M Sayed though is that in their structure and operation thy are weak, slow and non democratic. Resultantly ideology could not generate required results.Inorder to create a greater change or revolution friendly situations, parties will have to formulate clear cut ideologies framed into and exhibited through strong party structure guaranteeing salvation of motherland

Apart from principles mentioned above us can add more yet. These are some of the principles which our nationalist parties should let to operate behind their politics.

Struggle and resultant national salvation is impossible without following these principles

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