An open letter from Iqbal Tareen, the Founding President of Jeeay Sindh Students Federation to JSSF

August 25, 2009

Members and Leaders of Jeeay Sindh Students Federation

My dear friends, I am grieved at the loss of innocent life of Asad Abasi. Mother Sindh and Asad’s family lost a beautiful child in a wrong battle.

The recent tragic clashes causing deaths in Mehran University bring a deep sadness and pain to me and many well meaning people in Sindh and overseas. No matter how hard one pretends, it is simply impossible to pick an angel from a devil between the two feuding children? No matter who dies in the fight, Sindh becomes a grieved mother. The senseless and bloody battle of ideas will continue producing similar tragedies unless you decide to take charge of your destiny by denying evil forces a liberty of turning your sweet dreams into nightmares.

You must refuse to operate under the moments of madness and acts of intimidation. If you failed to lead your lives now, your future will be lead by the forces which crave your misery and vanquish. You can’t possibly create a peaceful and loving society whose roots are buried under the pile of hate and violence. If you are yearning to create a new great Sindhi society you must act now. You must accommodate decent and disagreement within your lives and within your ranks to build an inclusive society.

Being a founder of your organization I feel I have a right to expect highest standards of conduct from you. I invite you and members of other student bodies to a real challenge of returning academic peace to the campuses. I urge you to implement complete civility in the dialogue and debate of ideas. History will also hold all other political parties to the same yardstick. I urge major political groups and parties including Pakistan People’s Party, all wings of Jeeay Sindh movement, Awami Tehrik, teachers, NGOs, and influential parents of students to come together to bring about an Academic Peace into all educational institutions of Sindh.

My dear friends, nation of Sindh is counting on you. I urge you not personalize your political differences and stop directing your anger at each other. Invest your energy into building higher frontiers of hope and paving way for prosperity and better tomorrow.

Iqbal Tareen

Founding President, Jeeay Sindh Students Federation

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